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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busty mom (unedited and unparagraphed)

When i was 13, I was stricken with asthma. It got so bad that I couldn't participate in P.E classes. To make matters worse, my parents would often quarrel due to my father's philandering ways. I never could understand why my father would look for other women when he had a living wet dream of a wife at home. (I would later find out from my mom that his unfaithfulness was due to the fact that she had worked as a masseur before settling down and that he couldn't handle the fact that she had slept with so many men before him)

In 1992, she was a young woman in her late 20s. To imagine my mom then, you have to picture a woman with long hair cascading down a slim but rather disproportionate figure. This was because standing at only 1.58m, she had a very petite frame but with very large (and thankfully firm) breasts. Currently she is a C cuppa but in her hey days before removing her implants, she was almost a D. For some people who could look beyond her physical assets ( . ) ( . ), she has a rather disarming and cherubic smile to the point that she actually looks innocent. Personnally, then she had the face of an angel but the body of a very short but big-breasted devil. =)

Being a very devout Taoist and a very generous person, she would often donate money to the point that it hurts. Perhaps she is trying to undo any bad karma she might have reaped by being a masseur. She loved and still loves me and Dad unceasingly as she was an orphan by birth and we are her only family. However, as great as her love for all people is, her biggest undoing would be her gullibity and readily belief in all things paranormal and the supernatural. It did not help that she was also and still is an air-head. If she was caucasian, she would most definitely be a blond bimbo.

To find a cure for my asthma and her relationship woes with my Dad, she seeked solution and solace in religion. That was how a Mr Chan and his brother (which I would name Chan2) came into the picture. Mr Chan was a chinese medium who had spent a couple of years as a monk in Thailand. He was reputed to have vast healing powers and could excocise all kinds of demons. Therefore on a fateful Saturday night, she would bring me to his flat somewhere in Tiong Bahru which will forever change my life and my perspective towards women.

Went we entered his dirty little apartment, the first thing I noticed was that our patron God the Goddess of Mercy's idol was on the far left of the row instead of the centre and amonst that row were hideous idols with contorted faces. In the centre and lit with a red glow, was a large idol of an unknown horned deity with disk-like eyes and sharp teeth. Mr Chan himself was a short and bald middle-aged man who still reminds me of B-ge who stars in many Hongkong movies about gang triads. He was unabashed when he opened the door in only his shorts and on his chest was a tattoo of the same horrendous deity that he placed in the centre of his altar.

I could see that he had been drinking and had a fazed look. However his drowsiness broke into a leery smile and I followed his gaze towards my mom. She was wearing a baby blue wollen blouse and a short denim skirt. The hemline of her skirt was slightly above knee level and hugged her cute little bottom perfectly. The top was made up of a thin wollen fabric and was stretched due to her large boobs. When she bent down to remove her heels, Mr Chan's eyes widened with glee at the panaromic downblouse view of my mom. At that moment, he looked exactly as his disk-eyed deity.

Mr Chan then introduced his younger brother Chan2 to us in the kitchen and they showed us around their 3 room flat. Chan2 was a skinny fellow and slightly taller than Mr Chan. When my mom saw porno magazines strewn all over their coffee table, she blushed and laughed it off by saying those were illegal in Singapore. Mr Chan then remarked that he gives a copy of these to his clients at every consultation. Oblivious to my mom and me, the 2 of them must have been ogling her from behind as they showed us their flat.

Mr Chan, Chan2 and my mom then went over to the table to talk while I was asked to sit on the couch to watch TV. I overheard Mr Chan telling my Mom that the reason why my Dad found her undesireable and my asthma was because one of my Dad's mistresses had placed a curse on her. To be rid of the curse, he must force out the "naughty" imps in her body by using his magic needles and she has to follow all his instructions in the ritual or something bad would happen. All my
mom did was nod her head at everything he said and listened intentively.

While Mr Chan got prepared by setting up the ritual altar, Chan2 went to fridge and got my mom a can of stout, telling her to drink it as she might experience pain during the ritual. My poor mom gasp at that thought and drank up the stout. Mr Chan then got into a trance-like state by shaking his head and repeating incomprehendable verses over and over again.

Mr Chan then started talking in a foreign language which sounds like Thai and Chan2 translated for his brother. He told her that her body was beseiged by imps of the netherworld and he would remove them by inserting magic "Yang" needles into her body. As she had too much Yin in her, she would have more needles in her than most women. Mr Chan then took a an assortment of black needles of various lengths and started inserting them into her body.

He put 2 needles in both her calfs then told her to spread her thighs as he then proceeded to lined her inner thighs with tiny black needles. As she spreaded her legs, Chan2 could see her black panties and I swore that he drool at the sight of that. Mr Chan then instructed her to remove her blouse as he had to place the needles on her back and shoulders. Reluctantly my poor mom slowly unbuttoned her wollen blouse and took it off her. As she did, everyone else in the living room was clearly having an erection even though I was 13, the sight of my mother removing her top to reveal her large brassiere-clad breasts was too erotic a sight to behold.

Here was my nearly-drunk mom, Mrs Ng dressed in only her pink bra and skirt, her knees poles apart in front of strangers and getting ogled by her son. Chan2 then started cracking jokes and my mom laughed nervously. As Mr Chan inserted the needles into her back, she squeled and all Chan2 could do was tell her to bear with the pain and offer her more stout to drink. At that point, Chan2 even joked that he was hoping for Mr Chan to instruct my mom to remove her bra so that he could place needles in her tits, but unfortunately Mr Chan was too professional for that.

After Mr Chan had placed all the needles into my mom's body, he started chanting and burned a large folded green talisman at the tip. Unlike most chinese shows we watched on TV, he soaked the half burnt talisman in a bowl of water and took it out before offering it to my mom to drink. After my mom downed the concotion, he instructed that he will remove the needles. When he removed the needles from her body, my mom's entire body was visibly more relaxed and she started to slip into a dull conciousness like she was on drugs or after smoking majurana.

When my mom bent down to pick up her blouse on the floor, I had a noseblood dripping view of her wonderful cleavage. Her large breasts were encased in that tight black cotton bra she wore that were both undoubtedly dying to be released. Before she could button up her blouse, Mr Chan took her hand and led her and Chan2 into his room. I wanted to follow in but Chan2 told me that my mom needed to be revived and told me to wait outside while he locked the door.

Confused and eager to see what those 2 lecherous men were doing to my poor innocent mom, I glanced around the room and saw that there was a empty panal on the top of the door where a piece of glass should have been. I then took the tallest stool I could find in the house and peeped inside.

My mom was sitting in the middle of a messy bed while Mr Chan and his brother sat on both her sides. Chan2 then asked why my mom was buttoning up her blouse and my mom started laughing in a very spastic manner and said it was cold. Chan2 retorted that she was crazy because its actually very hot and on that started to remove his own clothes. My mom giggled and said "Really? I guess you are right, its actually quite hot in here. Ok..." and removed her blouse on Mr Chan's request.

Before she could even fully take off her blouse, Mr Chan grabbed by her small waist with placed her on his lap. My mom yelped in protest but was silenced when Mr Chan simultaneously planted his mouth on hers and started kissing her. My petite mom struggled and tried to push him away but Mr Chan was too strong for her. After a while, she relaxed and even started kissing him back. Chan2 now in only his briefs walked over and sat behind the kissing couple. He used his right hand to knead her bra-clad breasts while he snaked the other between her tighs and dissappeared into her skirt. Chan2 then started whispering to her on how sexy she was and how big her breasts were.

Mr Chan stopped kissing her and starting sucking on her neck. In between sucks, he joined his brother in telling her how great a fuck she was and she should fuck them to avenge for her husband's infallcies. Though my mom kept saying "No, please stop...", she contridicted her words by arching her back and grinding her hips against Chan2's hands and Mr Chan's groin. Mr Chan laughed that she was such a tease and unsnapped her bra. My mom panicked and swing her hands behind her to resnap her bra but Mr Chan was too quick for her. With one swift pull, he grabbed her bra and threw it out of the opened window.

Seeing that my mom staring at the window with disbelief and her breasts exposed, Mr Chan started sucking on her right breast while Chan2 tweaked her nipples. Instead of fighting them, my mom started to smile and was clearly enjoying the attention these 2 men were giving her funbags. My mom's face was flush and with each tingling sensation they were giving her, she started moaning with delight.

Chan2 then removed his underwear and started jamming his dick into my mom's face. Instead of turning away with disgust, I was surprised that my mom obeyed and opened her mouth to suck on his dick. As she tried to stand up to reach for more of Chan2's dick, Mr Chan's hands went into her skirt and pulled down her black ( and most likely soaked) panties till it was left hanging on one of her ankles. He pulled down his stripped shorts and then slided my mom down onto his erect member. He then jerked his hips heavenward and his dick impaled my mom's cunt with loud slapping noises. In order to hang onto her, he latched his hands on my mom's breasts, kneading them and tweaking her nipples. If not for the dick in her mouth, she would have been screaming in delight. Man it was a hellava sight, seeing your babelicious mother getting fucked sitting up and having her mouth full with another man's dick.

Chan2 couldn't take it anymore climaxed. He slammed involuntarily into her face as he unloaded his hot cum in her mouth. My mom choked and made gurgling noises as Chan2's dick went all the way to the back of her throat. After that, Mr Chan laid her on her back and started to fuck her missionary style, sliding his dick in and out of her cheebye as he held her legs up in the air. He then took his dick out and yelled at his brother to get a condom for him. Chan2 went over to a nearby drawer and threw him a packet.

He slid the condom over his erect penis while my mom was trying to vomit out the cum in her mouth. He went behind her and lifted her by the hips and he slided into her from behind. My mom wailed in agony and delight as he doggy-fucked her. He slammed his dick into her cunt many many times before he let out a cry of relief and yelled "Cheebye" over and over as he climaxed.

After that, the 3 of them dressed up and I went back to the couch. They came out and my mom went to the toilet and dress up before taking me home.

It was a long time before I would see Mr. Chan and Chan 2 again. Taken by Mr. Chan’s glib tongue and supposedly “supernatural” powers, my mom started to come under his influence and almost immediately after the episode at his place, my mom became a different woman. Perhaps it was my father’s infidelity which prompted her to re-explore her sense of sensuality that was repressed after marriage. She started wearing provocatively and craved for the attention for other men. In the past, she used to hide her generous bosom beneath layers of clothing conservatively. However, in lieu of this sexual renaissance that she was experiencing, she started wearing body-hugging dresses and tops with plunging necklines, flaunting her assets to the whole world.

With the absence of my father, she started to crave more male accompaniment and solace in friends and most disturbingly Mr. Chan. In the wee hours of the night, I still remember I could hear her gigging like a high school teenager from her bedroom when she was on the phone with Mr. Chan.

It was only after a few years later that I understood the reasons behind her actions were to fill a gap of loneliness caused by my father’s infidelity. She was in her late 20s and she was not prepared to let her youth slip away with a failed marriage. As mentioned earlier in the story that would not be the only time I seen her cheat on my father with Mr. Chan.

As the weeks went by, she got bolder and would go out late into the evenings after she has cooked my dinner and tucked me to bed. Dressed to the nines, she would return in the wee hours of the morning during her dates with Mr. Chan. On the nights that my father was not around, Mr. Chan would accompany her into our house and standing behind the doors of our master bedroom, I would sit there and cry while hearing hear suppressed gasps and moaning through the door. However, I was never able to witness her in action until my December holidays that year.

It was the 2nd week of my vacation from school and I was supposed to be going on a camping trip with the rest of Boys Brigade contingent in my primary school. Seeing that I was going to be away for the whole week, she informed me that she had planned a trip to Malaysia with Mr. Chan and his brother to visit and consult Mr. Chan’s Master. Unfortunately, I was to spoil their plans as the camping trip was cancelled due to lack of participants. At the last moment, as she was unable to find someone to take care of me, she had no choice but to bring me along.

I still remember how she looked that day when we prepared to go. She was wearing a white blouse and a short denim skirt. She had packed our lunches and was even wearing a big straw hat complete with sunglasses. Excited like a school girl, she hurried me with my packing and brought us down the moment she heard Mr. Chan’s honking from his pickup truck.

As the truck pulled up towards our block, I could see Mr. Chan looking out of the driver seat staring out at my mom, leering at her from top to toe. He was definitely liking the way she was dressed as he wolf whistled her when he came out of the truck.

My mom looked around sheepishly for anyone she recognized around. When she realized there was no one in sight, she ran forward and hugged him. Mr. Chan laughed and squeezed her small frame in his bulky arms, twirling her around like a small girl.

As Mr. Chan slid a hand up her blouse to cope a quick feel, she gave a muffled shriek and tap his arms away, wagging a finger at him. Mr. Chan then teased her that she was so "innocent".

Blushing and red in the face, she quickly pulled Mr. Chan's hands away and went over to me. Taking me by the hand, she led the both of us into the pickup truck, with Chan2, Mr. Chan's brother staring at us from the backseat, leering from ear to ear.

As Mr. Chan was helping my mom put her stuff at the back of the truck, Chan2 handed to me a gameboy advance. My eyes widened with glee and before I could reached out to take the handheld console from his hands, Chan2 snatched it back.

With pleading eyes, I asked: " Uncle, can lend me play?"

With a smirk, Chan2 replied:" Uncle can lend you to play. But you have to tell you mother that you want to seat in the front seat with Big Uncle Chan. If your mother ask you why don't you seat in fhe back with her, tell her in front got aircon and its hot."

Eager to get my hands on the console, I foolishly agreed and planted myself in the front seat. Hands and eyes, glued onto my new toy. As my mom opened the door, Chan2 then patted the seat next to him at the back, motioning to her to seat with him. With an annoyed look on her face, she obliged obediently and proceeded to open the door at the back.

Attempting to climb up the truck, she raised one leg on the platform and attempted to jump up. As she was wearing a short denim skirt, doing so she inadvertently flashed herself infront of Chan2. Chan2's eyes widened in glee as he had a full frontal view of her undies. He clapped his hands, shouted:" Wah Lao, struck 4D liao." and helped my mom into the truck.
Chan2 got my mom to seat next to him and immediately he placed his arms around her shoulders. Shortly after that Mr. Chan fired up the engine and took off. It was pretty uneventful throughout the Singaporean leg of the journey towards the causeway and I was happily playing Megaman on my new gameboy. However, things would get MORE eventful as we pass through the Malaysian customs.

As mentioned earlier, Chan2 had my mom seated behind and was most likely hoping to get some action with my poor innocent but very busty mother. By this time, my mom was feeling tired and was trying to stop herself from dozing off and leaning on Chan2's shoulders. Chan2 on the other hand (no pun intended) had his arms around my mom's shoulders and due to the extreme height difference between him and my mom, was able to look down her blouse, catching glimpses of her generous bosom and deep "long kang".

As the pickup truck coasted along the empty Malaysian highway, Chan2 got bolder and pulled my mom towards him, attempting to kiss her. From the rear mirror, I saw her resisting Chan2's advances and visibly upset. Seeing that there was no more action, I put down my gameboy and leaned back to take a nap.

I was later awoken by a foul smelling stench and when i peered my eyes weakly, I saw from the rear mirror that Chan2 was smoking through a long wooden pipe. It had a strong herbal smell and was clearly not tobacco. At first, he offered the pipe to my mom but she declined. However, Chan2 was very persuasive and insistent and along with the egging of his brother, my mom relented and took a few puffs from it. As my mom sucked on the pipe, I saw from the corner of my eye Mr. Chan grinning from ear to ear and stealing glances at my mom from the rear-view mirror. When he turned his head to check on me, I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be fast asleep.

Trying to get my mom high and in the mood, Chan2 repeatedly encouraged my mom to smoke the pipe while abstaining it himself. To do her in further, Chan2 took out bottles of beer hidden in his knapsack infront of him and proceeded to teach my mom the "guessing palm game". My mom being easily cajoled, took up the offer to play with him. Unfortunately, being new at the game, she was trounced repeatedly and had to choose between smoking the pipe or drinking beer. Both which she gradually did in earnest with the encouragement of Chan2.

After a few rounds, my mom was visibly drunk and high on the substances that Chan2 fed her with. Her face was blushed red and her eyes were bloodshot. Her speech was slurred and her head was bobbing from left to right. During one round where she lost, she opted to smoke the pipe. However the pipe had extinguished. Chan2 then suggested my mom smoke his larger wooden pipe in his pants and pointed at his bulging hard on. Being high, my mom found his joke extremely funny and placed her fingers around the front of his cargo pants, teasing him that she knows its actually small and scrawny.

Seeing my mom's defenses was lowered, Chan2 with one swift move took her by surprise and coiled his skinny arms around her waist, drawing her closer. Sensing no immediate resistance, he plunged his face into her right side of her neck, holding her hands down with his arms. My mom though high, gave a furtile attempt at struggling out of his grip. However, after a few tries, she quite complaining and gave in to his advances. Given free rein, Chan2 then parted her hair and licked her ears in earnest. As it was obviously ticklish, my mom started giggling like a school girl, telling him to stop. However, there was no conviction in her voice and her giggles soon turned into badly muted gasps. I peered further and found the reason why.

Chan2 was now kissing my mom vigorously and both his dirty hands were already all over her thighs, riding her short skirt further up her legs. Instead of resisting, my mom had her arms locked around Chan2's neck and was returning his kisses passionately. Both of them held each other in tight embrace, kissing like long-lost lovers, oblivious to the both of us in the front of the truck. As he kissed her, I could see that his hands was inching closer and closer to my mother's awesome breasts. Then he got a huge handfull of one of them and squeezed and fondled it to beat hell, before she finally slap his hands and held it to prevent them from roaming further.

However before long she was back kissing Chan2, tonguing and gasping like there was no tomorrow. However by this time Chan2 succeeded in untucking her blouse and my mom allowed him to knead her fun-bags with her clothes on. One of his hands snaked downed her skirt and my mom moaned as his hand disappeared into her skirt while he played havoc with her nether regions. Sensing my mom's inhibition totally weakened, Chan2 got away with unbuttoning the top 3 buttons of her blouse before she even noticed what he was doing. She looked really sexy then, even though she was my mom, with her brassiere clad breasts exposed and her waist showing in her opened blouse. She grew really indignant then, and told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of his actions. But I also noticed that she didn't do a thing about buttoning her blouse back up, even while she was raising hell. She might be my mother but my cock didn't care a bit. Seeing the way her tits overflowed her brassiere was one hell of an erotic sight!

Trying to get my mom high and in the mood, Chan2 repeatedly encouraged my mom to smoke the pipe while abstaining it himself. To do her in further, Chan2 took out bottles of beer hidden in his knapsack infront of him and proceeded to teach my mom the "guessing palm game". My mom being easily cajoled, took up the offer to play with him. Unfortunately, being new at the game, she was trounced repeatedly and had to choose between smoking the pipe or drinking beer. Both which she gradually did in earnest with the encouragement of Chan2.

After a few rounds, my mom was visibly drunk and high on the substances that Chan2 fed her with. Her face was blushed red and her eyes were bloodshot. Her speech was slurred and her head was bobbing from left to right. During one round where she lost, she opted to smoke the pipe. However the pipe had extinguished. Chan2 then suggested my mom smoke his larger wooden pipe in his pants and pointed at his bulging hard on. Being high, my mom found his joke extremely funny and placed her fingers around the front of his cargo pants, teasing him that she knows its actually small and scrawny.

Seeing my mom's defenses was lowered, Chan2 with one swift move took her by surprise and coiled his skinny arms around her waist, drawing her closer. Sensing no immediate resistance, he plunged his face into her right side of her neck, holding her hands down with his arms. My mom though high, gave a furtile attempt at struggling out of his grip. However, after a few tries, she quite complaining and gave in to his advances. Given free rein, Chan2 then parted her hair and licked her ears in earnest. As it was obviously ticklish, my mom started giggling like a school girl, telling him to stop. However, there was no conviction in her voice and her giggles soon turned into badly muted gasps. I peered further and found the reason why.

Chan2 was now kissing my mom vigorously and both his dirty hands were already all over her thighs, riding her short skirt further up her legs. Instead of resisting, my mom had her arms locked around Chan2's neck and was returning his kisses passionately. Both of them held each other in tight embrace, kissing like long-lost lovers, oblivious to the both of us in the front of the truck. As he kissed her, I could see that his hands was inching closer and closer to my mother's awesome breasts. Then he got a huge handfull of one of them and squeezed and fondled it to beat hell, before she finally slap his hands and held it to prevent them from roaming further.

However before long she was back kissing Chan2, tonguing and gasping like there was no tomorrow. However by this time Chan2 succeeded in untucking her blouse and my mom allowed him to knead her fun-bags with her clothes on. One of his hands snaked downed her skirt and my mom moaned as his hand disappeared into her skirt while he played havoc with her nether regions. Sensing my mom's inhibition totally weakened, Chan2 got away with unbuttoning the top 3 buttons of her blouse before she even noticed what he was doing. She looked really sexy then, even though she was my mom, with her brassiere clad breasts exposed and her waist showing in her opened blouse. She grew really indignant then, and told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of his actions. But I also noticed that she didn't do a thing about buttoning her blouse back up, even while she was raising hell. She might be my mother but my cock didn't care a bit. Seeing the way her tits overflowed her brassiere was one hell of an erotic sight!

Chan2 seeing her exposed cleavage dived his face into her chest and feasted on her generous bosom.

As she was spitting out Chan2's cum into a beer can. Mr. Chan opened the car door behind her and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her out of the truck. My mom yelped but muffled her cries pleadingly, not wanting her son to see her in such a compromising situation. What would my father think I thought to myself, seeing her white blouse off her on the backseat, her panties soaked wet and being carried out of the truck against her will with only her black half-cup bra and mini skirt on.

To keep her quiet, Mr. Chan placed his hand over her mouth while he gestured at his brother. Chan2 seeing his brother's cue that more action was to come, helped him by holding onto her legs after taking off his trousers. The both of them then carried my struggling mother out of the truck, not caring if I was still in it. Both of them were laughing lecherously, not taking heed to my mom's frantic appeals to put her down. Mr. Chan having witnessed my mom giving his brother such a wild blowjob was very determined to have his fair share of the action and have his way with my intoxicated mom somewhere deep in the forest.

Mr. Chan looked around and saw that the undergrowth had a slope leading downwards. He then motioned to his half-naked brother and both of them carried her down the slope, through the bushes, away from the view of the main road. As they disappeared into the dense undergrowth, my heart beat wildly. Seeing the turn of events, I was extremely petrified and part of me wanted to stay in the truck, pretending to be asleep. However, a larger part of me wanted to see what those 2 lechers would do to her and I succumbed to my curiosity. I knew I did not have time as if I hesitated any longer, I would lose them if they went too far. Mustering up my courage, I unbuckled my seat belt, opened the door gingerly and tiptoed towards their direction, following the sound of rustled leaves and broken tree branches on the ground.

With bated breath, I pushing away a huge leaf and peered into the darkness of the dense undergrowth. What I saw below the slope would forever be burnt into my memory. My poor shirtless mom was being held up spread-eagled by Mr. Chan with her back towards him. He was holding her up by her thighs such that her legs were poles apart. To support her weight, he was leaning on a tree and laughing meanly as my mom pleaded with him to let her go. Chan2 on the other hand, was kneeling on the ground with a beer bottle in one hand, and masturbating my mom through her panties.

"Kor, look at how wet she is!", Chan2 said in Hokkien, admiring how wet he made her as he fingerbanged her.

"Did you bring the condom? I haven't buy yet leh, I didn't know you would up her so soon", Mr. Chan suddenly realized.

"Nevermind lah, Kor, We can do this instead!". Chan2 exclaimed and then parted my mom's panties to one side and started jamming the neck of his half-filled beer bottle up her cunt. Laughing madly as my mom squealed in pain and discomfort.

"Like dat, the beer will kill our cum!", Chan2 grinned, enjoying the grimace on my mom's face as he stabbed the beer bottle repeatedly up her cunt, filling it with beer and foam. Aiding his brother, Mr. Chan rocked my mom up and down, impaling her on the beer bottle.

Despite this, Chan2 was still captivated at her bra-encased boobs swinging in similar motion and he reached out with his other free hand. He fondled her and laughed as my mom cried out when he pinched her through the cotton fabric.

"Pain, Pain, please take it out! Pleeeeaseeee" My mom pleaded with the 2 men weakly. Meanwhile, Mr. Chan was licking her bare back, leaving trails of his dirty saliva on her soft supple skin while coaxing her like a baby rocking in a perverse cradle.

"You want us to take it out? Ok, we'll take it out if you stop struggling and beg us to fuck you!", Mr. Chan repeated the instruction sadistically while his brother increased the speed of the beer bottle in his hand.

"Pleaaase, Pleaaaase f me.....", my mom whimpered softly, her speech slurred by the effects of drugs and pain. Any sense of decency was robbed from her at this point and she wanted was to return to the truck.

"Tua Neh Bu! (Big tits lady) We can't hear you! Louder!" Chan2 barked as he squeezed my mom's tits, demanding loudly that she say it.

"Please fuck me! Please fuck me! Please fuuuuccckkkk me!" my poor mom cried out, bursting out in tears. Satisfied, both men stopped assaulting her with the beer bottle and her rocking motion came to a halt. Unable to take his eyes off her chest, Chan2 stared at her bra-clad tits as she breathed deeply, her heaving breasts rising and falling. Her sweat glistened in the afternoon sunrays that penetrated the thick forest canopy. From afar, the sound of toads in heat making their mating calls could be heard.

"Mrs. Ng, you are a damn fuckable Tua Neh Bu. You know that? Don't blame my kor and me hor, blame your Neh Neh. No man can resist your 2 watermelons. Tamade, if I got a wife like you, I'll fuck you everyday until your cheebye sore sore. Kannina, I sibei buay tahan liao... My Kor and I need some milk now. I'm going take off your bra." Chan2 teased cruelly. My mom's face was blushed red and she stared at him like a deer caught in its tracks, terrified at prospects of being topless in the jungle with the two of them.

Chan2 then placed both hands on her shoulders, sliding the shoulder-straps of her brassiere down her bare arms. Mr. Chan still kissing her back, lifted her up and using only his teeth, unhooked the clasp at the back of her bra. My mom gasp loudly as her D cup breasts sprang out of the tight confines of her half-cup bra. Chan2 then gleefully pushed up the cups to have full view of her firm breasts, cradling each one playfully in the palm of each hand.

Kneading them like they were dough, he fondled them like they were his playthings, twisting each nipple in each hand. He tweaked them like computer knobs, each action jolted my mom, sending her screaming in pain with mixed-delight. Unable to control himself, he dived his face in and sucked at each tit hungrily. Painting her cleavage with his tongue, he left a disgusting trail of saliva. However, with each lick of her aureole, it sent tingling sensations down the back of my mom’s back. Though in a degrading situation, she was getting visibly turned on with the perversity of Chan2’s actions as his hands went amok over her ample bosom. Confirming the fact that she's turned on, her hands which were once trying to cover her crotch and modesty were now placed shamelessly inside Mr. Chan’s shorts, stroking his dick from within.

By this time, Mr. Chan had released her right leg and while still holding her left leg up, Mr. Chan rubbed my mom's pussy through her soaked panties with his free hand. Being the more experienced one, his hands made circular motions around her crotch area in a rhythmic fashion and like his brother earlier, he was also nibbling on her neck and ears, coaxing her to let them fuck her.

Her sobbing turned to moaning and I found myself shocked and disgusted to hear her repeat the words by her own volition: “Fuck me please… Kan Wo….Fuckkk me, this is so wrong, but it’s making me soooo horny! Please don't tell my husband...Yes, fuckkkk meee” She whimpered, eyes closed and biting her lips in sheer ecstasy.

"Just now I make you pain. Now, I will make you so shiok, you will go to heaven!" Chan2 exclaimed as he observed how horny they had made her.

With beer and her love juice dripping from Mr. Chan's fingers, he parted her panties for his brother and Chan2 positioned himself between her legs. Rubbing his engorged dick over her exposed clit slowly, Chan2 left his pre-cum glistening on her pubic hair, relishing the fact that he can finally do my busty mom. Then, without warning, he shoved his dick in, jamming and grunting as he started fucking my mom. Grinding her to the hilt with one leg still in the air.

"Oh no....He's putting it in meeee." My mom half-mumbled as Mr. Chan silenced her by placing his mouth over hers, kissing her passionately. By this time, my mom was returning his kisses with unbridled wanton and had her hands locked around his neck for support. As Chan2 fucked her, her boobs swang like a large pendulum with each thrust and before long, she was reciprocating by gyrating her hips in sync with him.

Fuck lah! Limpeh can’t take this anymore. I need to Gan (Fuck) this Tua Neh Bu too” Mr. Chan loudly exclaimed as he saw how the Chan2 and my mom were enjoying fucking each other. Passing her raised leg to Chan2 to better fuck her, Mr. Chan quickly pulled down his pants and joined in the fray. Pulling her undies sideways to the point of breaking, he placed his hand on her hips and tried to squeeze in, ignoring the cries of pain that my mom made when he did so. Both men then synchronized their humping, filling her up to the brim, rocking her up and down as she yelled in pain with 2 dicks jammed into her cunt.

Pulling his dick out, Mr. Chan's took my mom's hands and guided them on his dick, instructing her to blow him. My mom hungry for more dick flesh, bent down towards his groin, swallowing Mr. Chan shaft in one mouthful. Still fucking her from behind, Chan2 took his dick out momentarily and released my mom's leg, allowing her stand on both feet and bent over easily to blow Mr. Chan. Putting his thumbs on her skimpy wasitband, he then slid down both her skirt and undies, intentionally leaving her black soaked panties on her left ankle. With that, they begin to "spit roast" her, fucking her from both ends, her cries muffled with dick flesh in her mouth while Chan2 doggyfucked her in response. To better position fucking my mother, the both of them guided her towards a tree and made her knee down on the grass as they continue fucking her.

"Wo Yao Se le, (I'm going to cum/shoot), you are mine! Mrs Ng!", Chan2 grunted loudly, sinking his fingernails into the soft molds of her bootylicious ass, refusing to let go as he humped her like a donkey gone wild. My mom, horrified at the prospect of Chan2 cumming inside her tried to get up but was powerless, as both men locked her in from both sides.

With a loud yell, screaming "Cheebye!", Chan2 slammed against her butt with loud "Piak Piak" sounds and unloaded his cum inside her for about 15 seconds. Taking the opportunity that Chan2 had gone limp and released his grip, my mom stopped blowing Mr. Chan and frantically fingered herself, trying desperately to dig out the cum from her vagina.

Angry that my mom had stopped sucking him, Mr. Chan walked over towards my crouching mom and pushed her back onto the ground. Teasing her cruelly if she wants twins, he piled himself on top of her despite her protests and used his knees to spread her legs against her will. Helping his brother stop my mom from getting up, Chan2 grabbed the soaked panties on her left ankle and bunched it up. He then forced it them down her mouth and pinned down her arms which was previously flailing at air, trying to push Mr. Chan off her.

Coaxing her to stop struggling, Mr. Chan rolled between her legs and forced himself inside her, fucking her missionary style. Predictably, he buried his face in her chest, grazing her soft skin with the rough unshaved stubble on his face. Holding her tightly, he took mouthfuls of her breasts and fucked her violently. Soon my mom's verbal protests gave way to subdued moaning and appeals for them to let her go. However there was no conviction in her voice. Tears flowing down her face, she was a confused wreck, feeling terrified and horny at the same time.

By this time, my poor mother had finally succumbed to her inner urges and was kissing Mr. Chan voraciously. Mr. Chan released his grip on her legs and my mom curled them up around Mr. Chan's waist. She hooked her ankles behind him and bent her knees, pumping Mr. Chan for all he's worth. Latching his free hands on each breasts for support, Mr. Chan plowed into her harder and faster, his cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it, pushing into her cervix at the end of every stroke. The tight clasping lips and the pressure of her cervix finally overcame his ability to hold back. Snorting and grunting, he yelled and jerked violently inside her, mixing his unloaded cum with his brother's in an unholy concoction.

After he climaxed, he continue hugging my mom as his dick went limp inside her. For a long while, he kept brushing his hands in her hair, consoling her and telling her everything will be alright. When my mom calmed down, he released her and pecked her on the cheek. So weak between her knees after the violent jungle sex, my mom had to be held up and Mr. Chan and his brother cooperated in dressing her up before carrying her back towards the truck. All I remembered, was running back to the truck in double time. Heart beating fast with the blurred images of the adulterous duo gangbanging my poor gullible mom.

I sprinted as fast as I could back into the truck and tried to close the door behind me. Unfortunately, I had swung the door too quickly and there was a loud banging sound. I was so afraid they knew I had followed them that I closed my eyes tight and pretended as best as I could that I was still sleeping.

However, I was busted cos when after they helped my mom back into the truck, Mr. Chan crept over me and whispered into my ears:" I know you saw what just happened. Your Mom is our woman now so get used to it. If you tell anyone else especially your father what happened, I wun say what will happen to you but you'll definitely regret it." With that, he patted on my cheeks and we continued on our journey.

When they got into the car, I looked back at my mom seating in the passenger seat. She was winded from the strenuous lovemaking with the 2 men. Her hair was disheveled and her clothes in a disarray. Throughout the journey, she was hugging Chan2 tightly and crying in a soft low voice while Chan2 coaxed her by whispering that everything will be okay to her.

Soon night fell and all of us except for Mr. Chan who was driving fell asleep from exhaustion. I woke up to the jerking of the van and realized that we had reached our destination, a sprawling peranakan style bungalow with a strange dilapidated temple built right next to it. Chan2 helped us with our luggage while My mom and I carried our bags to the door of the bungalow.

The main door of the bungalow was made of 2 massive wooden panels, each side had ornate carvings in sanskrit. Just as Mr. Chan was about to knock on the massive wooden doors, it swang open loudly and from the darkness of the grand hall, emerged a small figure. Under the dim light of the street lamp, we realized it was a wizened old man. He was bald like Mr. Chan and crouched slightly due to a developing hump-back. His droopy skin under the dim neon light gave an unhealthy glow and looked rubbery in texture. Stroking his unkempt beard, he motioned to Mr. Chan and Chan2 who addressed him Sifu and beckoned them to enter the bungalow.

As Chan2 helped my mom to the door, the old man (Sifu) stepped forward to intercept the couple. His eyes widening with glee as my mom trembled uncontrollably under his piercing gaze. He lifted one of his skinny arms and placed his hands on her chin, lifting her face up to the neon light for a clearer look. Examining her face from left to right, he then placed his hands on her bare shoulders and squeezed, bringing the couple nearer towards him. He then whispered something into my mom's ears of which my mom gasp. Squeezing once more on her shoulders, he then let go and instructed Chan2 to show her and me to our room. His gaze, lecherous in nature followed her as they traced the silhouette of her willowy and well-endowed frame. From the corner of my eyes, I could swear he and Mr. Chan were ogling and planning what to do with my mom later on that day.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the dark surroundings of the mainhall, I realized we had entered a much larger version of Mr. Chan's flat. At the front sat a huge red-tableclothed altar with dozens of small clay male and female figurines. Each figurine though having a human-looking face looked contorted and were crafted displaying lewd gestures, almost like they were performing a mass-orgy.

Behind the figurines towered 2 huge red candles and a 3 feet-tall structure that was completed draped with a yellow cloth. On the cloth itself, I remember seeing red sanskrit-like letters that glowed ominously in the dim light.

Mesmerized by the foreboding structure, my mom though very tired was drawned to it and stepped further in with me to take a closer look. However, Chan2 broke her out of her trance by holding her hand before she got too close, lead us to a corridor at the back of the altar.

Chan2 then lead the both of us to a guestroom located at the end of the corridor. He then instructed my mom to take a nap before he bring dinner. My mom feeling filthy requested to take a bath for herself and me. We were then shown the way to an outdoor toilet located in the courtyard.

The outdoor toilet was a aluminium shack that was dimly lit by a single neon light bulb and the only source of water was a huge bucket of water with a small pail attached to it. My mom undressed me before proceeding to take off her own clothes. She unzipped her denim skirt and peeled it off her gingerly as I saw the cuts and bruises on her back of her thighs. I asked her if she was alright but she just nodded silently and grimaced as she took off her skirt.

Just as she was about to take off her blouse, she froze as we heard soft footsteps and the sounds of dried leaves/twigs being stepped on. It grew louder until the sound ended right behind us. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a small crack appear as 2 sheets of congrugated aluminium were pushed slightly open behind my mom. It was done so quietly that if not for the earlier footsteps, we would not have knew that someone or something was right outside the hut, trying to peer in.

Just as I was about to point at the widening crack, my mom put her fingers to my mouth and whispered softly into my ear:" Don't worry honey, everything is going to be alright. Just don't say anything and don't point anywhere. Mommy know, ok?"

With that, she instructed me to turn around as she continued undressing; herself facing the crack in the hut. With her back behind her, I strained my neck and peered behind and saw her button and took off her sweat-soaked blouse. She did it so slowly and enticingly, fully aware that there was someone outside peeping at her. Once her blouse was off her, she then bent over to unsnap her bra, positioning her cleavage inches away from the crack on the wall. I swore I heard deep breathing but then again, it could have been the wind that night.

To the dismay of whoever that was outside, the moment she unsnapped it, she swiftly placed her hands over her breasts, covering her modesty. With her arms firmly across her chest, she took her towel, turned around and wrapped herself with it. As a further insult, she swung the brassiere over the edge where the person was peeping in from.

Without undressing further, she then continued to wash me up until we heard the aluminium crack folded back in and footsteps leaving. The sounds of the footsteps were soft and slow, like it was limping.

As my mom was washing me and herself with her towel on, i had a great view of her enormous breasts wrapped up snuggly in the towel. Her cleavage was so deep and inviting that as young as I was, I had half the mind to tug at her towel. I remebered thinking angryly to myself, why was she wiling to let those men have their way with her but she did not allow me her own son to see her naked? I felt it was not fair but I guess I was too young then to ask her as I had trusted her that she knew what was right.

When it was her turn to shower, she made me turn around while she bathed. I heard the towel fall from her sides as she begin to lather herself. Thoughts were racing across my young mind of the splendid view behind me and all that stood between it were my willingness to turn around for a peek. However, for some inexplicable reason, I hesistated and before I knew, it was over. She then changed into comfortable attire and towing me in hand, we left for our room.

Despite washing herself thoroughly, as she held me close, the smell of grass and soap lingered on her skin and the events that unfolded earlier in the evening flashed across my mind, sending a tingling sensation up my spine.
The sight of her legs held up high, soaked panties on her ankle and Chan2 between her legs stirred me inside. It was definitely wrong to draw pleasure from such a sight but it felt so good and primal.

When we got to the room, Chan2 had prepared 2 bowls of porridge that were waiting on the table. My mom and I tucked in hungrily and we quickly turned in for the night.

I awoke to the loud crowing of a rooster in the courtyard and as I rubbed my eyes I realized that the room was pitch black and dawn had yet to come. Instinctively, I reached out to the side of the bed and I found my mom missing with her pyjamas strewn on the floor.

Crying out for my mom, I panicked and went to the door immediately and realized it was shut. I was locked inside the room! As I was young and afraid of the dark, I started knocking on the door with all my might, howling for someone to open the door. After a few minutes, the door unlocked from outside and when it opened, I saw it was Chan2 who answered my cries.

Seeing that I was exasperated and crying for my mom, he tried to calm me down but was to no avail. He then tried to explain to me that my mom was busy with Mr. Chan and his Sifu but I was insistent and continued crying. Suddenly, his look of annoyance evaporated and gave way to a cruel grin, as if an evil thought came to his mind.

Chan2 said: "Mr. Chan and Sifu are right now trying to treat your mom that's why we can't bring you along. This is because the proceedure must be done in silence and everyone outside must be quiet or else something will happen to all of us, especialy your mom. If you want to come you must promise me you'll be quiet and you'll do as I say, otherwise I will leave you in this room? Understand?"

Desperate to see her, I nodded my head with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Chan2 then say:" What you'll see later on ah, you cannot tell anyone else and you must listen to my instructions and not make any sound. You want anything to happen to your mom?"

I shook my head in fear and bit my lips.

Chan2:"Okay, you good boy okay? Uncle Chan bring you now. When you see you mom, you cannot say anything, just diam diam stand there and one more thing, I want you to carry this and point this at your mom, in this direction. If the red light goes off, you are to raise your hand to uncle chan and cannot make a sound. Otherwise somethin will happen to her."

With that, he placed a bulky black JVC portable video camera in my hands and swung its large sling over my neck. Clueless to what was about to transpire, I obediently held his hand as he led me to the grandhall.

The grandhall was almost pitchblack save for the altar area which was dimly lit by 2 large candles. Chan2 stood by my side and positioned me to sit on one of the large imperial oak chairs at the side of the grandhall with the large camera on my lap. Motioning to me to put a finger to my lips, he whispered a stern warning to me: "No matter what happens hor, don't make any noise and remember to point this thing this way. You dont' listen, something will happen."

I gasped and nodded obediently.

Suddenly 2 figures emerged from the darkness (I realized it was Mr.Chan and his Sifu), pulled Chan2 towards the end of the hallway and started bickering with him in hushed whispers, pointing angrily at my direction.

Suddenly, I heard my mom's voice from the room nearest to the grandhall: "Okay, I'm done! Can someone come and guide me! You all very notti hor, make me wear like that" Her voice was playful and energetic, as if she was totally unaffected and oblivious to what the 2 men had done to her the previous evening.

Chan2 then ran towards the room, and as he passed me, he placed his fingers on his lips again to warn me for the uptempth time. Mr. Chan and his Sifu walked briskly towards my direction and Mr. Chan bent his head towards my ear and whispered the same warnings that his brother gave. I nodded my head and cowed in fear as they both glared menacingly at me

I then saw Chan2 holding my mom's hand as he lead her towards the grandhall. As he led her towards the light, I realized why: She was blindfolded with a long strip of golden silk cloth. Peering further, I noticed red sanskrit-like markings on her blindfold and Chan2 went behind her to tightend it further and checking the ducttape was secure beneath. Grinning at his brother and Sifu, I saw the 3 men nodding in joint approval as they checked out my mom's new attire.

With her shoulder-length hair neatly tied behind her, she had her denim mini-skirt on but was now dressed in a golden silk "dudou". For the non-chinese brudders here, a dudou is basically a backless halter-top bra that has one strap around the neck, one strap around the back, and a single piece of diamond-shaped fabric in front covering the chest.

Similar to her blindfold, her skimpy dudou had bright red sanskrit wordings on it which shimmered omniously in the dim light. Unfortunately for her(And fortunately for every dick in the room), the dudou she was given to wore was a few sizes too small. The result was that the thin fabric was stretched to its seams by her heavy chest, barely covering the sides of her breasts, her both hands tugging at the sides of her dudou to cover as much of her modesty as she could.

This however was in much vain, as each tug strained the clothing further as her nipples protruded conspicuously against the taut fabric, much to Sifu's delight, whose eyes were zeroing on her heaving chest. The old man was visibly in total extacsy, like a small boy who had just recieved a new toy for christmas. Capitalizing on the fact that my mom was blindfolded, he stretched out his hands over my mom's chest and mimicked cupping her breasts, his bony fingers mere inches away from her soft mounds while Mr. Chan started to explain to her the instructions of the procedure

Oblivious to what Sifu was doing to her and me in the grandhall, my mom nodded her head obediently to Mr. Chan's words and listened attentively what he had to say.

He explained that the nether forces in her body had become stronger and in order for her to remove them she would have to undergo the ritual where his sifu would recruit allied agents from the underworld to aid them. As they will be possesed, she has to be blindfolded for her own well-being and would need to be calm and motionless and follow his instructions closly, lest calamity befall on all of them. He then explained that his sifu is a powerful medium ordained in such arts and that she was in good hands.

As his sifu put his hands on my mom's shoulders, he then started chanting in that strange tongue similar to what Mr. Chan had chanted while we were in his flat. However unlike Mr. Chan, his baritone voice was soft and reassuring and his chant reverberated across the large hallway.

Chan2 walked over to the altar and took down the cloth draped over the 3 Ft tall structure, revealing what was beneath. Standing in the middle of the 2 towering candles was a huge bronze idol of the demon/god that was tattooed on Mr. Chan. With ivory fangs protruding out of its mouth, it stood aggressively with a lewd posture, its front claws were in the air with its hips thrust outwards. Naked, the idol was crafted with an oversized but ornate penis jutting upwards. From a distance, it looked like it was doggy-fucking an invisble figure.

Chan2 then laid the huge cloth infront of the centre and placed a cushion ontop of it. He then took my mom by her hands and guided her to a kneeling position on the cushion. As she knelt down on the cushion, her legs were split apart as she tried to balance herself. Seeing his opportunity, the Sifu squated and tilted his head sideways, his nose inches away from the front of her skirt as he enjoyed the close-up upskirt view of my mom.

However, his view was short-lived as instinctively, my mom pressed down the front of her miniskirt between her thighs and bent her knees inwards, much to Sifu's dismay.

While Mr. Chan and his sifu picked up the speed of their chanting, Chan2 went to back of the room and came back with a bowl of water. Unseen to my mom, he took a satchet-like bag and emptied its contents into the bowl. Using his fingers, he stirred it and coaxed my mom into drinking the concotion, of which my mom obeyed unquestioningly.

Disbelieving that my mom would fall for the same trick twice, the concotion worked pretty quickly and before long, her head was bobbing from left to right.

Her head swaying from side to side, she was intoxicated and leaned forward, mumbling imcomprehensible verses to herself as the 3 Men hovered around her chanting louder and louder. With a loud shout, Chan2 started banging his palms on the table and shook uncontrollably and stomping his feet on the marbled tiled ground. The sifu then exclaimed that his brother was being possessed and told my mom to stay still and not be afraid above the din of the Chan2's noises.

When Chan2 stopped moving, there was a eery silence as the 3 men checked at each other before turning their gaze to my mom. She was trembling and was trying to hold herself still. Her chest rising and falling as she took deep breaths.

Chan2 then positioned himself behind her and knelt down. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he exclaimed that he embued now with the ghosts of a holy warrior and fallen monk summoned here to help her. He was very convincing as the timbre and the quality of his voice changed quickly as each character took their turns to talk to my mom.

He asked her if she was willing to be saved and to be rid of her bad luck, for which she nodded obediently. Finally, he asked her if she was willing to do anything as the ritual would be require a large sacrafice from her. She hesistated as she swayed her head from left to right. Sensing her hesitation, Mr. Chan and the Sifu egged her on. Perhaps it was the drugs or just her desire to get better, she then foolishly nodded her head and said "yes!" loudly. When she shouted her approval, the 2 men standing infront rubbed their hands in glee, nodded to chan2 and continued chanting.

Slipping his fingers off her bare shoulders, Chan2 in his myraid voices whispered to my mom while his fingers stroked the milky smooth skin on the side of her arms. Sensing no resistance, he glanced at me once to ensure I was filming everything before he wrapped his arms around her waist. My mom's body stiffened the moment he placed his arms around her and tried to get up. Mr. Chan then told her not to move and tell her that it was part of the ritual and that she had to endure this.

Against her will, Chan2 parted her hair and held her down as she tried to shake his hold off, he jammed his face into the sides of her face. Biting at her neck and bareshoulders like a Boa constrictor devouring its prey. With her hands bonded and intoxicated by the drugs administered to her, she was powerless under his grip.

She gasp as he buried his face into her ear, plunging his tongue into her ears, licking at her lobes and face hungrily. Pointing to a bag, he signaled his brother as his hands on her waist moved north. His hands grabbing her breasts and he stretched her dudou further from underneath. Fingers tweaking at her erect nipples, he chuckled in glee as my mom gasp loudly and tried to break out of his hold.

When Mr. Chan took flash camera out of his bag, he switched it on and took aim of the couple in front. Without warning, Chan2 bunched up her dudou, revealing her funbags cradled in both his arms. Before my mom could react, Mr. Chan then took a series of photos with Chan2's face posing behind her and her large breasts displayed. Unable to restrain himself, the sifu stopped chanting and 4 hands were playing havoc with my poor mom's breasts as the old man suckled hungrily at her breasts.

At this moment, she was clearly frantic and tried to get up. Pre-empting this, Chan2 darted one of his hands between her legs into her skirt, forcing her to bend her knees to repel the invading hand. This cause her to fall back on the floor and pleading with them to stop their actions. As hard as she forced her tighs together, it was no match for the combined might of the 2 men as they pried her legs apart, revealing her white panties clad crotch. Delighted, Mr. Chan acted as the dedicated cameraman and took more photos as the 2 men posed beside her to her with their arms firmly on each of her legs, like proud fishermen with their catch.

Against her struggling, the Sifu attacked her crotch mercilessly, rubbing her clit with his long bony fingers through her panties. Pushing her knees poles apart with his hands, he dived into her "muffin" and feasted himself on her nether regions, licking and lapping like a hungry dog and leaving trails of dirty saliva on the inner sides of her thighs.

Moaning and pleading with them to let her go, my mom tried to get up. However, there was no conviction in her voice as once she attempted to, Sifu pinned his head deeper into her skirt as Chan2 coordinated and stepped up the speed of his ministration on her breasts, causing my mom to buck her hips and pressed her thighs around the Sifu's head in guilty pleasure.

Sifu stopped licking her cunt and keeping her legs spread out while kneeling, he bunched her skirt up her delectable ass while he kissed her forcefully, asking her if she like the taste of her cum in his mouth while his hands snaked cloyly inside her skirt from her behind, fingering her ass and pussy as she squealed like a pig, pleading with him to let go of her

Lips were pressed to hers and a long sensuous soul kiss ensued with her and the 3 men as they took turns to kiss her. One after another she was kissed, fingered and played with, until she could stand it no more. Her knees buckled as love juice rained onto the cushion beneath her, her moanings grew louder as her inhibitions faded away.

Now unable to restrain himself, Mr. Chan quickly disrobed himself and positioned his groin inches away from my mom's face. To silence my mom's whining and moaning, he swiftly grabed her head tightly and just as my mom pouted her lips, thinking he was going to kiss someone, he jammed his engorged dick into her mouth, mouth-fucking her to kingdom come as he snorted away, egging her on to suck on him.

My mom gagged initially but was back to her horny self and continued licking the front of his dick and enjoying the dickflesh in her mouth. Her hands though tied up were most likely desiring to pump him further.

With his hands holding her hair at the back of the head, he thrust his hips back and froth, lodging his dick firmly between her moist lips and with each stroke deeper into her warm, wet oral cavity. She moaned at the putrid taste of his dick but her tongue returned for more lapping up and down the shaft of his penis, grazing his foreskin with her teeth.

Egging her to give him the best suck of his life, my mom pushed herself forward, her tongue seemingly everywhere, dancing elegantly over the tip, caressing the underneath of the shaft though blindfolded as if she had memorize every nook and cranny of Mr. Chan's dick.
With her inhibitions unleashed, my mom was clearly enjoying herself in such a degrading situation. Mr. Chan dislodged his swollen dick from my mom's mouth. He then held my mom's head with both his hands, and started slapping her face with his hardened cock, humiliating her in front of me.

My mom's face now stained with saliva and pre-cum was visibly turned on, stretched herself upwards in a bid to reach for Mr. Chan's dick, crying:" Give it to me, Give it to me!" Pleased at how horny they had gotten her, Mr. Chan granted her request and slammed his dick back in her mouth, grunting as looked at my direction. His face with a dirty expression on his face:" Look at how I'm fucking your slutty mom! Look at how she is begging for my dick!" His eyes, rolling white with the pleasure of my mom's moist mouth all over his hardened dick.

By this time, my mom had stood up voluntarily to better suck at Mr. Chan's dick. Trembling at her knees due to the Sifu's hands wrecking havoc in her pussy, her skirt was riddened up her buttocks, displaying her black soaked cotten undies. Pushing her panties aside, Sifu's slipped his sinewy fingers in in and out of my mom's twin orifices from behind.

Chan2 on the other hand lifted my mom's dudou up to have a clear shot at her tits. Pinching her nipples earnestly, he used his free hand to take random photographs of exposed breasts.

My mom was clearly enjoying the attention the 3 men were giving her as she begin to moan and started to grind her bootylicious ass against Sifu in a bid to force his fingers deeper into her.

Seeing how responsive my horny mom was towards his fingerfucking, Sifu was unable to control himself any further disrobed as fast as he could with his spare hand. His wrinkled but wiry frame was tattooed with sanskrit verses as I saw him naked. His dick sprung up from his shorts and protuded from a bush of long white pubic hair. Licking my mom's cum juice from his hands clean, he bunched up her skirt till it was at her abdomen level while he grinded his bare dick on my mom's panty clad ass crack and took a quick handful of her breasts.

Grinning towards me, he slipped his fingers into my mom's thin panty waistband and proceeded to slide it down her. My mom sensing that her panties were going off her, panicked and gave a horse-like kick towards Sifu. However, Sifu was too fast for her and held up her offending leg in the air just before it could hit him in the chest. Hooking her right leg up, he smacked her hard on her ass, causing my mom to give a muffled shriek.

"Piak Piak", Sifu kept slapping at my mom's buttcheeks till it was red with his palm prints. Tears flowing down her cheeks, she was powerless in Sifu's grasp as she thrashed around in a vain attempt of keeping her panties on her.

Calling out to Chan2 to hand him a lit candle, Chan2 took the candle from the altar and begin dripping hot wax on my mom's bare back. The searing pain of the hot wax over her delicate was too much for her and she squirmed in pain, trying to shake off the hot wax over her back.

Taking advantage that my mom was in pain, with one quick tug, Sifu managed to get my mom's panties off her till it was at her knees. Her bare buttocks jutting outwards while her knees where bent inwards in a very uncomfortable position. Sifu with a mad glee on his face, sinked in his fingers into her fleshy bottom and spreaded her butt cheeks, his fingers burrowed them deeper into her womanhood.

After he had his fingers inside her pussy, he used them like a mechanical vise as he pried her pussy lips apart, positioning his thumb over her bulging clitoris. He bent over as my mom was squirming in pain and buried his face into her behind as he feasted on her cunt. His tongue cold and slithery must have been quite a sensation for my mom as she gasped the moment he tongue-fucked her pussy, his fingers pinching away at her vagina lips and clitoris. His deft hands and tongue was definitely stroking her at the right places, as my mom's floodgate opened and white gelatinous liquid begin began gushing onto Sifu's face, himself lapping up the sweet cum juice of my humiliated adulterous mom.

Dis-engaging his face away from her pussy, Sifu continued finger-fucking her and more of her cum rained down on the floor and her panties. My mom's body was trembling as her knees buckled, her body wrecked with guilty pleasure as it responded obediently to Sifu's ministrations. When my mom stopped climaxing, he took a step back and licked her sweet cum off his fingers with a perverse look on his face.

Pushing her panties down to her ankles with his foot, he then hooked both of her legs in the air as my mom was lifted up horizontally spread-eagled. Despite my mom's struggle, he was able to wrap her her legs around his chest as he positioned his hardened member over my mom's pussy.

Then it happened. He lowered my poor mom onto his raw wrinkled dick, his hands holding her firmly by her hips as he pushed his groin between her legs as he fucked her heavenward. With each thrust, he sent her swinging uncontrollably towards Mr. Chan's dick causing my mom to cry with muffled moans as she had dickflesh in her mouth and hot wax dripping repeatedly on her soft supple skin.

Fucking her like he has not fucked a woman in years, Sifu held my mom tightly by her legs as he jammed his little willy into her repeatedly, snorting away like he was in a trance. His dick slathered with her cum as it appears and disappears into her pussy, jets of her cum flying onto his belly as he continue fucking her well-lubricated vagina.

He slowly sped up, increasing the pressure and frequency of fucks he was giving her cunt all the while, teh tariking his dick in my mom's lovehole. With each thrust, my mom's large boobs swang in the air.

Suddenly, he paused and stopped thrusting into her. Withdrawing his dick from her pussy, he spitted multiple times at his cock and started rubbing his saliva+cum lubricated dick over my mom's bare ass crack. Spreading her butt-cheeks with his fingers, he slid his index into her anus, digging at it to make an opening. Before my mom could react, he shoved his dick into my mom's virgin ass, pounding her mercilessly. My mom only had time to stop sucking Mr. Chan and cried out for help:"No.. Pain! Please Stooo...".

Before she could finish her sentence, Mr. Chan silenced her cries by slamming his dick involuntarily into her mouth as he climaxed. His hands grabbing the back of her head as he mouth-fucked her like there was no tomorrow.
My poor mom gagged immediately the moment Mr. Chan's dick exploded in her small mouth. She was in shock as no warning was given as Mr. Chan's body spasm uncontrollably, his hands squashing her head tightly against his groin and jamming his spurting cock to the back of her throat.

Wanting my mom to swallow his cum on camera, Mr. Chan coaxed my mom to drink it all up, running his fingers through her hair. However, when mom tried to spit out his cum, Mr. Chan used his dick as a plug to stop his cum from flowing out. Agitated, he then pinched her nose and screamed at her aggressively to swallow.

"I tell you to swallow you better swallow! You listen to me or else I'll tell your husband what you are doing now!"

That did the trick as my mom obdiently gulped down his cum and Mr. Chan with both hands cradling her temples guided her in licking his shrinking cock clean, all the while she was getting banged behind by Sifu. Pulling me by the sleeves, Chan2 made me film everything in close view as I witnessed my poor mom licking the cum off Mr. Chan's penis and whinning with each hard thrust that Sifu was giving her from behind. Due to being blindfolded, she was oblivious that I was filiming her at such close range. For some strange reason, I curbed the desire within me to cry out to her.

Then suddenly, Chan2 grabbed my spare hand and guided it just below her large melon-like breasts. Her sweat was dripping through the sides of her heaving breasts and it spattered onto my open-palms as Sifu doggy-anal fucked her repeatedly. Motioning me to caress her breasts, I stared at Chan2 with horror and disbelief. When I hesistated, he palmed my hand in his and brought it up and before I knew it, my hand was cradling her left breast while Chan2 was kneading her right. Enjoying the perversity of the situation, Mr. Chan grinned lecherously at me and put a stern finger to his lips.

Warm and slippery, she groaned at our touch. Through my hands, I could feel her her breathing grew more and more bated as she was getting turned on again. I was molesting my own mom with the aid of 3 other men who had all fucked her out of her normal self. In a vey sick way, I was enjoying myself too much to understand the the moral consequences of my actions, as young as I was then. Though it was definitely wrong but it felt all so good like the forbidden fruit we aren't supposed to eat. How was she to react if she knew the small hand beneath Chan2 on her breasts were her very own son? Following Chan's 2 instructions, both of us tweaked her nipples like radio buttons and my mom arched her back sharply at the sensations that rocked through her body when we did so.

Sifu was like a man gone mad and continued forcing his dick up her ass, almost splitting her in two. While supporting her legs between his armpits, he shot his fingers into her cunt and rubbed at her clit aggressively. As I continued tweaking her nipples, Chan2 begun suckling at her breasts, licking her pink auroral and nibbling it with his incisors.

My mom shrieked in mixed extacy and pain, her toes jutting out as waves of pleasure jolted her system. Before long, she had climaxed for the umpteenth and lovejuice and sifu's pre-cum was dripping down her thighs. Grinding her buttocks against Sifu's groin, my poor turned-on mother synchronized his fucking motion and coiled her legs tightly around him. The friction of her tight virgin butthole wrapped around his dick was too much to bear and the pressure mounted with each of his anal incursions. An old man, he could only withstand so much pressure and before he could reach out his hands to grab my mom's hair, he exploded inside her while hugging her tightly by her small petite waist. As he came, I saw my mom gasp in pain as she felt hot jism filling up her rectal area. Sifu collapsed onto her back as he continued hugging her, himself winded from the strenuous activity. When he finally took out his dick from her ass, sticky white gooey cum with blood flowed out like dam with its floodgates open. My mom fell on her knees; pleading them to cut her loose.

Chan2 then took a knife from the altar and instead of cutting her loose, snipped off the rope that was suspending her from above; making sure her wrists were still tightly bound. Absolutely exhausted, my mom laid on her back on the kneeling cushion stained with sweat, cum, wax and blood.

Unfortunately, her ordeal under those men was not done. Chan2, who had taken off his pants finally, positioned himself between her legs. Wiping her down with the cloth on the floor, his fingers parted her pubic hair and he rubbed at her swollen engorged clit in circular motion, trying to get her to be in the mood again. He then grabbed her by the ankles with his hands and begun nibbling at each of them as he spread her legs apart. Kissing and licking her legs, he sunk his teeth into her calfs, leaving teethmarks all over her. His actions stirred my mom from her rest and she begin moaning placing her hands over her bare breasts, begging them to let her off.

Sensing no resistance, he grabbed his cock and hovered it over her sore pussy lips, parting them and wanting to sink it in. However my mom realizing that she was going to be fucked again, mustered enough strength to sit up and using her elbows, attempted to get up. This only made things worse as her action effectively caused her vagina to slip over Chan2's dick. Rocking himself forward, Chan2 hooked her by the underside of her knees, locked his erect dick inside her and begin pumping away in missionary position.

To increase the tightness of her cunt, Chan2 closed her legs together and pointed them skyward. Hugging her legs like a pole, he then increased the speed of his fucking motion, enjoying the suction of her tight pussy lips around his dick. His hips gyrated at a maddening pace as his dick slammed into her with loud "Piak Piak" sounds.

By this time, my mom was biting her lips in pain and grimacing due to the ferocity of Chan's 2 humping action. When she complained that his humping was causing her back ache due to being fucked on a cold floor, Chan2 hooked her by the underside of one of her legs and while my mom still on his dick, carried her small petite frame up. As he was much taller than her, my mom was hoisted up under his arms and he jerked her up and down. Her vagina splitting up like a coconut impaled on a stake. He rocked her up and down as her large boobs flung in the air, my mom crying: " Uh..Uh.. Put me down! Uh!" Bunching up her dudou with his chin, he lifted her chest to his face area and gorged on her large boobs, his teeth sinking into the soft mounds of her milky white flesh.

Whe he got tired of this potition, he walked over to the altar, laid her onto the table amongst the clay figurines and raised one of her legs before penetrating her again. Fucking her scissor-style, he placed my mom's bound wrists over his head and begun kissing her, of which my mom returned his kisses passionately. Tongues rolling in each other's mouth, instead of pushing him away my mom was hugging him tightly, her raised leg was now coiled onto his back. Hugging each other tightly, my mom's large breasts were squashed between the both of them. He raped her so hard that as they fucked, the table shook so violently that a few figurines and lit candles were smashed onto the floor.

As his brother was pumping my mom to sexual nirvana, Mr. Chan took the video camera from my hands and begun filming the two adulterous couple. It was one hellava sight as my mom groaned and yelped with each thrust, her face inches away from the large penis of the demi-god idol placed on the altar. The Idol with menacing stare looked like it was enjoying the scene and was giving its blessing to the unholy matrimony of my mom and the 3 men.

As Chan2 was fucking her, her D-cup breasts lunged back and froth due to the vigorous love-making, breasts spilling at the side. To get a better gripe of her breasts, Mr. Chan untied the knot behind her neck and removed her top completely and hung the dudou over the Demi-God Idol's penis.

With free access to her bosom, Mr. Chan grabbed her jugs like it was on sale. Kneading them like dough and clawing them with his fingernails. They laughed as my mom begged them to stop, amazed at the lack of conviction with her demands for basic modesty. With hands working at her boobs, my mom bit her lips in sheer extacy and was lost in the sinful pleasure that Mr. Chan was giving her.

By this time, my mom had locked her legs around Chan2's waist, squeezing him at the hips and responding to his fucks by lifting her pelvis towards him to meet his thrust. With her arms around his neck, she kissed him with torrid desire, moaning and groaning as Chan2's dick thrashed wildly inside her womanhood.

As they kissed, Chan2 swept aside the rest of the figurines and worship elements on the table and laid himself on it. He got my mom to kneel over him in a cowgirl position and his hands grabbed her by the buttocks. Grinding her rump against his groin, he made my mom ride him like a rodeo. Her body now facing the bronze penis of the large Idol. I felt any moment, the idol would come alive and force his huge metal dick into her mouth.

My mom leaned her bound hands on the nearest object which was the metal penis to keep her balance as she was rocked back and froth underneath like a rag-doll, her boobs flopping all over the place. Chan2's dick was like a piston as he went in and out of her. He could feel her inner muscles clutch him as he plunged in and spasm as he came out. He had her hips tilted up high so his knob rubbed her G-spot roughly.With each bounce, his dick filled up her cunt and she punctuated the air with shouts of joy and pain.

Mr. Chan then placed the camera on a chair and adjusted the view correctly. He then pointed to me to look after it before jumping onto the table, his dick now rock hard and eager to get into the fray. He moved the metal penis aside and bent his knees gingerly towards my mom, his dick now at her chest level. Grabbing my poor busty mom by the tits, he cradled her massive knockers in his hands and sandwiched his swollen dick between them, while lifting her arms above her head. His dick was so erect and hard, that with each upward thrust he would bang his penis-head into her chin or neck. in and out he went, he must have enjoyed the view of my mom's deep cleavage as his dick peeped up from between.After a few jerks, Mr. Chan could not take it anymore. With a loud heave, he climaxed and with one hand holding his dick like a hose, he aimed for the moneyshot as his cum sprayed onto her face and hair, slathering her face with his thicky gooey cum.

Chan2 on the other hand wanted to cock-screw her as he tried to spin her around his dick so that his brother's cum would not fall on his face. This was a bad decision, as the moment my mom did that, her vagina muscles became even tauter and clung onto his dick even more tenaciously. The pressure mounted quickly and he exploded inside her. His cum must have went off like fireworks as Chan2 snorted and grunted wildly, thrashing around uncontrollably beneath her.

As Chan2's raw dick was spurting up like old faithful within my mom's cum-drenched cunt, it stretched her sore pussy lips to its seams as she screamed with exctasy. With fingers sunk into her bare rump, he grabbed her by her ass and rocked her lowerbody against him furiously, pumping himself deeper into her cervix in a maddening fast tempo.

As she was rocked senseless, she had to position her arms over his chest to maintain balance.

Throwing decency into the wind, she wiped residual cum off her face and began shouting:"Keep that dick inside my cunt! Keep fucking me! Don't stop!" and use her knees to impale herself deeper into Chan2's erupting volcano of a dick. His cum must had felt like hot searing magma as it lined her inner walls, sending her to orgasmic heaven as her pussy lips spasm and clutch around his shrinking member.

"Keep fucking me!" my poor horny busty mom yelled as she placed her hands on Chan2...Milking him for all he's worthed...She din care what a degrading situation she was in, her cum flowing down her face and mouth to the point that it was sticky even though she was blind-folded...It was like a point she had crossed...being cummed on by 3 lecherous succession...She was tearing but visibly horny...her whole body flushed red with scratches all over her sensitive parts....

Chan2 just kept jerking away...his fingers crawling at her butt...i can bet she cld feel her g-spot being rubbed by the pulsing veins of Chan2's cock as he spat his seed into the hole I was born was so wrong...all so wrong...all the more because they were doing it on a religious altar...

Once Chan2 was spent, he gave a sigh...a sigh of relief while my mom leaned on his body for support....her humongous breasts flopping on his chest as both of them heaving and sighing from such an exhaustive sex session...Though she was so petite, her breasts easily flopped around his chest and i cld see her bare breasts....

After which, 3 of them lifted her unconcious body up from Chan2's body and carried her into the room...leaving me behind with the JVC camera as I stood shell-shocked at wha my poor busty mom went through....

They left me in the living room as they carried her to the bedroom...i was shellshocked...not knowing what to do....

I saw her bunched up soaked panties that was lying on the cold floor...Instinctively..i walked towards it and observed it...It was stained, with stringy pubic hairs stuck in the fabric...most likely my mom's but mixed with the other 3 men...It was still wet...sticky....soaked wet with her cum juice...
Gathering my courage...I picked it up with my hands...From afar I could hear the moaning sounds of my mom...It was the sort of moaning that only a woman uninhibited and unhinged by her desires could make...

I bunched up her soiled panties with my fingers, her cum soaked fabric slipped through my fingers easily...the musky smell of her womanhood strong but putrid emanated from my clenched fists. I brought it nearer to my face and took a huge whiff...more than just sweat and cum...I smelt Fear, exstacy...the throes of love making as well as Lust...lust distilled into sweat....The smell was overpowering and it filled my small adolescent body with mixed emotions...I was so confused then... so scared at what those 3 men were doing to my poor mom...but so turned on even though biologically i had yet reached puberty...

Bunching up her soiled panties, I took more deep whiffs and I started to touch myself....young as I was...I was petrified but I felt something strange inside me...Something I never felt b4...that was when I felt blood rushing to my pubic region..and I when I looked down...I saw my young adolescent dick becoming hard..I felt sick..but it felt so goood.

I was tempted to touch myself further but I was interrupted by a piercing howl, a howl unmistakably by my mom...She was pleading them to stop...I ran quickly to the room where they had dragged her to...

The door was not locked but left ajar this time round...It was Sifu's bedroom and all it had was a large kingsize bed.

I saw her spread up eagled with her hands still bounded by the raffian rope...Chan2 and Mr. Chan were busy holding onto her legs while unzipping and taking off her jean skirt. They held her spread eagle while she sat on sifu's lap with her back against the winded but still horny old man.... All 3 men were teasing her verbally and physically....She was screaming for them to stop but they did not care...They apparently wanted to have another go with my delectable mom's pussy...

Once her skirt was slipped off her, sifu did a visergip on her neck like this and started to pound her on the edge of his bed...

My mom felt Sifu's sinewy dick now revived after the previous love/rape making session penetrating her pussy and she was pinned down on him..each pin brought his ancient dick thrusting up into her...rubbing against her g-spot...

Sifu pounded her furiously while the 2 men stood nearby and filmed the entire thing...Chan2 then removed her blinds and it took her a moment to get accustomed to the lighting in the room...When she saw she was being filmed...She shrieked loudly: "不要拍! 你们干什么? (Stop filming, what are you doing?)"

To this, Mr. Chan caress her hair and retorted: " 我们干什么? 我们在干你位Dua Neh Bu! Aberthen???? HAHAHAHAHA."

ignoring her protests, they kept filming while Sifu pounded away furiously, his arms locked tightly on her neck..All my mom could do was look down away from the camera, tears streaming down her face.....she was whimpering in shame as she felt sifu's hard dick throbbing and jerking up and down inside her...rubbing and grinding her crotch against his as he fucked her mercilessly...

Screwing her eyes tightly closed, my mom resigned to her fate and while the rest reached down, grasping both breasts in each hand. As if her body had a mind of its own, she began to grind with each of Sifu's thrust. Her juices were now flowing freely and small rivulets ran down the inside of her legs.

She was sure that all of them would be able to see and smell her arousal now. She knew, deep down, she shouldn't be doing this, but she was so confused, and at a loss to explain what was happening to her. Her mind kept flashing back to the events last night. She felt as if it was all just a dream, and that she would wake up soon and everything would be as it should.

Mr.Chan grabbed his camera with his free hand and began snapping pictures as she humiliated herself in front of him. With her breasts hanging out, nipples as hard as rock, and her pussy and ass clearly on display,

My mom moaned, groaned, cursed, and begged sifu to fuck her harder and faster. She strained at her bonds as her body was racked by one orgasm after another. Not giving her respite after her orgasm, Sifu continued jamming his dick in..and all my mom could do was just moaned as Junior continued fucking her at a steady pace, ramming his dick to the hilt in her pussy. He removed his hands from her neck and placed his left hand on her shoulder while the other hand he placed right at her pubic region...finding her clit through her bush and rubbing it with his stroke, pressing her clit against his invading shaft...making sure my mom could feel the friction of his dick on her G-spot...

He was really pounding her ass hard making her body move forward each time he rammed his cock in her. With an insane strength that belies his frail ancient body, he lifted her up and she moaned as he toyed with her abused clit. He then reached down grabbing both thighs and lifting them up until her knees were almost touching her tits. This position caused her to over on her back spreading her legs real wide revealing her freshly fucked cunt, her legs now being cradled by his 2 disciples...

Suddenly, Sifu grabbed my mom's waist and hugged her tightly..his face spasm like he was having a fit and he furiously pounded her while she spreaded her legs helplessly until his pounding ceased and he leaned his head against her back as both his disciples peeled my mom away from his exhausted body..slowly pulling her pussy up off of sifu's soft dick, when her pussy was free of his shaft, cum began to drip out of her engorged cunt and onto his lap. She immediately rolled over on her back next to sifu looking totally exhausted and started to hide her face with her bonded arms and cried....

While Chan2 kept taking fotos, Chan2 just stood there, naked, breathing heavy. He was in a half-crouch, his knees half-bent, his penis dangling visibly between his thighs. He reached up with his right hand and picnhed his nipple, while his left was steadily, slowly stroking his already red throbbing cock, ready for round II.
Before she could breathe, Chan2 flew across the room and was on top of her. They both fell backward over the mattress, the back of her head pressed up against the pillows. His mouth and tongue moved up her neck while her beat against his weight, but it didn't matter. CHAN2 buried his dick on her ass cheeks and clawed at her back, while he gnawed at her shoulders, biting her breast. She beat against his chest, but in a moment, his HUGE THROBBING COCK was slamming into her open cunt. Mr Chan cheered on and at the sight of CHAN2'S ass- naked, cheek muscles clenching and releasing, pistoning into her.

My mom fought and squirmed, but there was no escape. CHAN2 leaned his mouth into her, breathing hot on her neck, and whispered "我想騎馬(I want to ride horsey)". Her words were lost, she hated him, but her closed her eyes and began to be overwhelmed by pleasure and pain. Her began to let out little squeals of pleasure; her grabbed fistfuls of his hair; her wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. She were giving in to CHAN2, again, like her had never left him. She were getting fucked by a beast, like she hadn't been fucked in years.

CHAN2, who's naked stomach was pressing up and down, rubbing softly against herrs as he pounded her hot cunt, suddenly stopped, pulled his CUNT SOAKED COCK out of her and turned directly towards her face. My mom gasped. Seeing her womanly dew dripping from the tip of his penis. He moved quickly toward her, grabbing her by the back of her head, pulling her to the floor. "You like it huh? Lick your cunt juice off my dick. Lick me clean." he growled. She hardly resisted. She sat there, on her stomach, licking CHAN2's COCK, tasting her pussy juices. CHAN2 grabbed her by both ears and started fucking her face hard. "ARGHHHH!!!!!”

"Lick my ass you slut!" He grabbed her, forcing her, but she slid behind him without complaint, and started to tongue his naked exposed asshole from behind while he smeared his ass-checks on her face. CHAN2 eye's flickered open and shut, and he moaned softly, my mom did the most disgusting thing and had her tongue darted skillfully into the center of CHAN2'S pink asshole. She began to move her tongue in a slow circular motion, rimming CHAN2 out gently, sending him straight to the moon in ecstasy.
Then he stepped away from the bed and dragged my mom up to her feet. He then threw her against the dressing table. Her face pressed up against the mirror now, waists bent against the table's edge, her perky ass lifted up.. There was fear in her eyes as well as a hint of arousal by the thought of what was coming. CHAN2 stepped back into view, looked at the camera and exclaimed; “Kor now watch me fuck this bitch in the ass." I saw my mom’s eyes get wide when he said that.

CHAN2 pinned her against the table while my mom held on for dear life as he fell to his knees and started spreading her asscheeks with his hands, each cheek bouncing back and forth from one to the other, softening and lubing their assholes up for his cock. Her face squeezed up with pleasure. Finally CHAN2 stood, grabbed her by her thighs, and slammed his HUGE COCK into her tight asshole like it always meant to fit there. She screamed out in pain as she was rocked back and forth, her face slamming, hard, into the mirror.

Sliding over now, he gave my mom a minute to catch her breath, CHAN2 began to plow into her ass, squeezing his engorged member into her butthole as he feel the tightness of her spincter muscles envelope his already red hot dick. She began to form in the corner of her eyes, as she let out little grunts and sighs, and whispered to no one in particular, "It's so big! Uhh, it's SO big...ugh...fuck my ass,fuck fuck fuck..." She shocked her when she suddenly turned her head toward Chan2 and started tongue kissing him. She was clearly on fire with sexual desire. "Yeah, keep going, jerk your hips towards me…c’mon!!!!" said CHAN2 in a very pleased voice.

As she continued to rock back and forth, her hips sliding forward every time CHAN2'S massive thighs slammed against her ass, his dick pushing balls-deep up her butthole, she slid her fingers roughly up her cunt. CHAN2 laughed as he reached out to twist the nipple on her naked breast. CHAN2 suddenly lifted her by her hips, pulled her up into the air, his dick never coming out her butt, and clamp his teeth on her arm as he bit her deeply…

Shrieking at the pain…she began moaning, "oh shit...oh shit.." She was also moaning, louder and louder, her voice barely audible now as CHAN2 was now shoving three of his fingers up her cunt while he relentlessly buttfucked her. She finally lost her concentration, raised her head out of herr crotch, her neck craned toward the ceiling and her eyes closed, and started yelling "oh fuck, I'm coming! Not again! Ahhh…….”My mom came violently, screamed, and rolled over, eyes glazed.

CHAN2 just laughed. "No, there's no end to this. So just shut up and enjoy what I’m doing to you" With that, he slammed with a frightening force deep into herr asshole. She let out a loud cry, but there was nothing she could do. CHAN2 was having his way with her ass, her ass belonged to him, was his property, and he was reminding her of that fact. His cock was throbbing her clit abused that it hurt terribly. She could feel his knees pressing against the back of her legs, his thigh muscles tensing and relaxing against the bottom of her naked ass as he forced his prick deeper and deeper into her shithole.

It went on forever. It could have been an hour, it could have been forever. Her may have come in and out of consciousness while it was happening. Still, CHAN2 never stopped or slowed, his stomach pulsing into her back, his hands roughly grabbing her breasts from behind as he relentlessly fucked her up her ass.

She felt completely drained. She were losing control of herself, of her body. Her ass couldn't take it anymore, and her felt her bowels release, uncontrollably. "Ha, fuck!" grunted CHAN2 in surprise, as her realized that she had just shit all over his cock. That made him stop.
He pulled her around, down to herr knees in front of him, and said "Fuck, her clean it off! Clean your shit off my cock!" She were dizzy, her voice were faint, she just sat there as he pressed his dick on her body, smearing his shit-stained cock on her arms and breasts…using her blindfold to clean off the sticky gooey liquid on his dick.

then they tucked my mom into bed as she fell asleep out of exhaustion. They helped cleaned her up, dressed her up..and moved her groggy body back to our room.

So exhausted was she that she slept for hours on end...with me snuggling next to her. The next day, we packed up and was driven home. Throughout the whole ride home, even through the causeway, she barely talked..She was clearly angry with what they did to her and she recoiled from Chan2's touch when he tried to engage in a conversation with her.

When they dropped us at our block, that would be the last time I saw them until a few months later.

Btw then Mr.Chan or his brother would try to call her up on our housephone but I was instructed to ignore. The phone calls turned into harrasment and I remember my mom and I had to move just to avoid Mr.Chan and his brother.
During that time, since she was separated from my dad and since we had to move out of my aunty's place. We had to rent a place to stay and for a single mom renting a room in the 90s it was a really expensive thing to do. Thus, she went out to get a job for the 1st time in years. It was a hard fought battle for her cos she had never completed her diploma (she had me while at Yr2 and married my dad)

As luck would have it, she found not just work but a career at a trading/consultancy firm. The firm was pretty small, probably about 3-4 ppl and she was a trainee/personal assistant under the newly appointed MD. His name was Thomas whom I remembered was a semi-retired middle-aged bachelor from South Africa who had came to Singapore months earlier.

He was one of those expat blokes that came to money pretty early in his life and now being in Singapore, I would remember he would have tons of asian girlfriend. It was kind of funny cos often I would accompany my mom to work and would see her boss have a new "auntie" friend. It was a carousel of south east asian chicks and I think he did all of them, Filippino, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian, etc. But they were all flings. My mom being his personal assistant had to help fend them off when things got ugly.

As flirtatious he was very protective of my mom and came to be to her like an older brother. When his expat friends would pop by the office to hang out and they try to chat up this gorgeous asian busty chick as their pal's P.A, he would often give a look of disapproval at his pals or try to save her away from their wily grubby advances. I'm not sure if it was to protect her or to keep her for himself and I'm pretty sure their relationship was not entirely platonic.

There was a couple of times when I caught him ogling at my mom as she worked late nights in the office. Once when he was dictating to her to type out a certain text, he was standing right behind her while she was seated down and was clearly looking down at her exposed bosom via her top.

The other time while my mom was bent down shuffling her files in a cabinet...I caught him from the lobby admiring my mom's behind as her skirt fabric strained against her buttocks, most likely showing some VPL and it took a long while b4 he broke his gaze sheepishly as he realized i was looking at him.

Things however got REALLY interesting when he bought a new bungalow for himself on his 40th birthday and he decided to throw a pool-side party.

My mom by then had started to date again upon the encouragement of Thomas but she had never really met any1 serious either. She had even started dressing up too and even tinging her hair gold/red.

She was in charged of the house-warming pool party that week and was super busy. Since there was no-one to take care of me at home, I had to be tagged along as she went shopping for all the party essentials.

She did almost everything, getting the caterer, DJ...calling his friends, you name it as well as buying alcohol, lots and lots of it actually...

On that Sat when we were in Thomas's car making the last minute shopping, thomas casually asked: "So, what are you gonna be wearing for the event tonight?"

My mom: "I only have a one piece swimsuit...there the black one i wore at our sentosa event the other day."

Thomas though driving, glared at my mom:" What?!?!?!? All my friends and some of our clients are gonna be there. I can't allow my P.A to show up in some frumpy swimsuit! We are a marketing firm for Pete's sake."

Then he grinned further and teased her: "You know, many of my friend's are bankers, lawyers, high power executives types. U might be able to snap up someone good who wouldn't mind you being a single mom. You need better attire and u noe what, I'll sponsor it since you worked so hard for this party. I think I know just the place, my good friend used to work there..."

With that, so off we went to this shop near town and as we entered this hidden decrepit female lingerie/swimwear shop hidden amongst a row of shops catering to expats..

The shop-owner was middle-aged but very fashionally dressed Indian lady came out to greet him and they hugged like long lost friends. She gazed at my mom and I and exclaimed: "OOOh! I din noe you were married!"

Thomas snapped in: "Hahaha..I wish.....this is my P.A and her son."

She bent over and pinched my cheeks: "Oooh.. So cute...What a lovely boy! You want to wait here outside or go with Mommy and uncle inside the shop?"

I hung on to my mom's hands, insisting I be with her...

She then lead us to this small private viewing/changing room right at the back of the shop and came back with a whole pile of swim-wear tops. "Since Thomas is a VIP customer, here try these. We have samples of tops for you to choose from but due to hygiene purposes, we can't allow you to try the bottoms...All these are washed at the end of each session...

I'll gonna be going back to the front so you guys have fun and just call me if you need anything."

With that she gave Thomas a very naughty grin and closed the door behind her.

on the dressing table was a strewn a whole array of bikini tops with their bottoms vacuumed sealed...They ranged from sports bra types to down right slutty/skimpy and were simply excuses for cloth meant to hide a woman's essentials.

My mom blushed uncontrollably when Thomas help chose for her quite a few micro-bikinis and with his egging on my mom went into the changing room to try them on...

While she was changing I was thinking to myself why is she doing this. Even when we went to the beach/swimming pool, she would be so shy and concious of her body, esp her top infront of other ladies and would wait until everyone left b4 she change into her frumpy swimsuit. Now, she's daringly changing infront of another man which is her boss, all separated by a thin viel between her and us.

When her T-shirt and then her bra was swung over the counter, you can see Thomas's breating got deeper in anticipation and his eyes widened in expectation of the gorgeous sight he would see....

She came out really shy and crossing her arms over her bosom and I remember it looked something like this: with thick fabric craddling her boobs and with just enough holes at the front to show the inner sides of her boobs.

Where it had covered her breasts with ease, the material was now barely holding them in and had also given her a deep cleavage. Despite her pulling the material this way and that it still didn't cover a great deal.

Trying to avert his eyes away from her bosom, he asked her to twirl around and then shook his head in dismay, "its alright but why don't you try a few more, like these" and he then handed her a turquoise string bikini...My mom subserviently obeyed and went behind the changing curtain and came out wearing the skimpiest bikini I ever saw, it was literally a microkini

As she came out and twirl her body infront of him, you can see him squirm uncontrollably, adjusting the front of his pants and crossing his legs to hide his raging hard-on.

Her pale, turquoise bikini was agonizingly scant. The tiny turquoise triangles that covered her giant breasts did little to hide them as they burst out from the bottom and sides of her bikini.Her round, substantial breasts spilled around the sides of the narrow neon strips barely holding them and the single string that held her breasts from flopping out were terribly stretched and seemed to be fraying at the ends.

He clapped his hands, cheering her as she twirled for him to see...

"This is too skimpy! Ppl would think how slutty I am! Cannot lah, Thomas, can we choose another one?"

"Well, what if you wear it underneath a silk top? That way, it will still show how sexy you are but not give too much away. I certainly would not want my little well endowed secretary to depress the women at my party...These women have egos you know."

My mom blushed uncontrollably at his comment and subconsciously lifted her arms around her nipple region. She then tried a few beach/silk tops and settled on a translucent baby blue zebra prints camisole top that looks like this and surprise surprise a matching blue sarong to go with it.

suddenly needed to go pee and excused myself to the toilet while my mom was trying on other tops with Thomas in the room with her. When i came back, I saw the door slightly ajar and heard my mom giggling like a little school girl.

I peeped in and saw Thomas standing behind my mom who was now wearing another bikini top and he had has hands around her bare waist and was spinning her around playfully like a centrifuge. As she was considerably shorter than him(she's only 1.5m while he was 1.8++m), he towered over her and her legs were in the air and her boobs were flinging around in a circular motion, she was desperately trying to keep her bikini covering her essentials but her giggling made it so difficult.

Then he stop spinning and placed her back on the ground and my mom made a very audible gasp suddenly and instinctively reached her free hand backwards. "OMG Thomas, are you hard?"

Thomas then slipped his hands around my mom's hips and tightened his grip, pressing her body against him. "Yes, Eve can you feel how hard I am? I want you so much right now" With that he buried his face onto the right side of her neck and tightly hugged her. My mom squirmed in his embrace and whispered rather solemnly :"Thomas, please stop right now. We talked about this before. My son is coming any moment now. I don't want him to see his mom this way. You know I like you but you are my boss. Please stop now...Please...."

With a deep sigh of regret, he came to his senses and loosened his hold over my mom. I was trembling, standing outside the door and it was then that I realized I had not been breathing... I was so nerved wrecked, part of me wanted to go inside and rescue her from his grubby hands, another but more evil part of me wanted to see what they were gonna do. It took a few moments for me to compose my young self b4 I walked in like I had not seen anything.

Thomas then paid for my mom's things and we left. In the car, Thomas and my mom hardly talked and the temperature in the car was icy cold. Suddenly, my aunt called my mom to inform her "yet again" that she can't babysit me tonight as she had to go for a mahjong session. My mom tried calling all her friends but to her dismay no one could take care of me. Thus, Thomas suggested I sleep over tonight at his new place since he has a guest room in the attic and that it would be best if I slept early and not show up lest ppl know my mom's a a single mom.

After what seemed like eternity, we arrived at his bungalow. It was simple 2 story colonial style house and apparently repainted and remodeled to give it a 2000s twist to it. There was a small pool on the patio at the back and my mom and him got to work when the caterer and events ppl showed up. My mom fixed me a very simple but fast dinner of hotdogs and beehon and showed me my room in the attic.

The room at the attic was pretty much like a loft. The ceiling was arched over from the doorway and as a guest room was pretty spartan. There was however a large bed inside and a small TV and VCD player next to a dressing table which took up most of the space. My mom tugged me to bed and then took out a few movie VCDs that Thomas had at home and instructed me how to use the VCD machine to keep myself occupied.

She then said: "Boy boy, u be good boy okay? Mummy need to change now and go downstairs and help Uncle Thomas. If you need anything, you use this cell phone can call this number okay? U want to go holiday right? If you good boy don't come downstairs the whole night, mommy bring u go holiday okay? Okay?" I remember nodding at her words, excited at the prospect of going for a real holiday outside of Malaysia.

I went back to bed and watched a throng of old termininator videos as the party started downstairs. The music they were playing was a mix match of 90s party music and I was really irritated cos I couldn't hear my movie promptly. I got bored really quickly and noticed there was a window latch at the side of the bed. I moved the bed aside, open up the latch and peered through. I realized it gave me a bird's eye view of the patio/pool area downstairs.

The pool area looked something like this It was a small rectangular pool right next to the patio and there were 2 sun bathing chairs decked out outside. The BBQ was going right at the back and I could see my mom busy bbqing food for the guests as they streamed in.

The small group (abt 30-40ppl) who came was mostly made up of white middle-aged men along with a throng of young pretty asian lasses. All of the gals were dressed in swim-wear and Sarongs. Though there were alot of really pretty women there, my mom easily stood out as being the most well-endowed. And though she was wearing a camisole, it hugged her body really well and her womanly curves were unmistakable underneath the fabric. All the guys at the party were clearly checking her out as I saw them try to chat her up and hovered around my mom like bees to honey.. She however kept to herself, busying herself with inspecting the food and making sure everyone had a drink in their hands.

Thomas on the other hand had given her the cold shoulder and was brazenly flirting with this young chinese chick. They were holding hands pretty soon and slow dancing near the pool in a very provocative fashion, his hands on her waist as both of them gyrated to the music. He glared at my mom making sure she could see how they were dancing and making out. My mom looked visibly upset by the sight and went away to serve drinks instead. As the night wore on, most of the men save for a few had paired up with a partner if they had not come with a gal. Only a few were left single or who had left.

She came out onto the patio with a tray of cold drinks as she moved around a particular group of 4 men and I saw them pull my mom away from the crowd to serve them drinks around a table. My poor mom was flanked by 2 men, one a tall lanky man in his 40s and another guy who looked much older and was sporting a pot belly. As she was serving them their drinks, she had to bend down to give them their beer cans. With her heavy rack, the front half of her tits rested on the tray along with the drinks. One of the guys, a reached up from his prone position on a lounge chair, missed a can and brushed against the side of her breasts. Surprised, my mom froze, and he leaned his hand further before saying "oops" and withdrawing his hand. The guy fakely apologized and then got her a chair and told her to join their group.

2 of them had girlfriends who joined them shortly and though I couldn't hear what they were saying, they were clearly having a ball of a time and teasing my mom endlessly. I saw my mom chuckle and laughed uncontrollably as they talked through the night. The whole table was piled up with hard liquor and they were clearly trying to get each other drunk.They were egging her to drink vodka shots and as I mentioned earlier, my mom's quite a happy drunk type and clearly can't really hold her liquor. Pretty soon, her face was red like a tomato and she was visibly high.

As she leaned on the reclining chair, my cock stirred as I watched the Fat guy move onto my mother’s soft white shoulder, gently squeezing her closer to him, then he’d let his arm drop back to the table. This happened again and again. A couple times, he must have said something funny, because my mom laughed and nestled her head into his shoulder, sort of rocking her head against the side of his body while he rubbed her bare white shoulder with his hand.

My eyes fixated on the thin blue strap from her camisole, which now hung freely down off her right shoulder; she made no effort to put it back into place. They looked so natural and comfortable together, the two guys flirting with my mom, like they’d been known each for years, although of course that wasn’t the case. Still, it was weird to see how a few drinks could make my mother so affectionate and frisky.

When my mom got high enough, the two guys flanking her took her hand and led her to the dance floor. By now, the crowd was thinning out and there was only about 10+ ppl in the party. Maybe I was off base, but to me it looked like they was clearly marking my mother as their territory, signaling to any other men in the party that this bootylicious asian chick was under their protection and they should keep away. The fat guy received a call on his phone and had to step away, leaving her with the taller man.

At first, they were dancing fairly normally, clumsily shuffling their feet, bumping hips every once in a while, but then the music slowed down and they settled into each others arms. It was so weird to see her in another man’s arms, him holding her tenderly and gently, but still like he owned her. Her, so obviously drunk, acting like a schoolgirl in love, so excited to be dancing with an older man and loving the attention he was giving her. His hands were all over her back and shoulders, sensuously massaging her, loosening up her inhibitions, while she, for her part, couldn't take her hands off his broad shoulders as she tip-toed to reach for it. He kept making her laugh, and she would nestle her pretty face into his large chest, her eyes closed as they held each other tight.

Although I couldn’t see all that clearly, since the dance floor was quite a distance I’m sure I saw their lips touch each other a few times, gently, softly, cheatingly. This guy was smooth, and he was easing my mother into things. I was rock hard looking at the two of them, but in the pit of my stomach I knew it was so wrong for my sweet, demure, mother to be in the arms of another man.

Then the fat guy returned and as they took turns dancing with her, my petite mom was sandwiched between the 2 men. Their hands sliding up and down her arms and body. My mom saw Thomas dancing with his chick opposite her and I think she was trying to get him jealous. She then sprawled her body between the two men and started to dry hump each other, her crotch leaning against his thigh as she moved up and down his leg like a cat in heat. She gave him this look like "two can play the same game".

Soon a competition between Thomas and my mom raged on on which couple/triple would be kinkier and Thomas's chick got down on her knees and brushed her hair against the front of his shorts while my mom got bolder and swung her leg over the taller guy's hips, gyrating her butt against the guy's raging hard-on. This must have got Thomas so horny that he whispered something into his date's ears and they promptly left the party. I heard the sound of his car starting up and it must have been meant that he wanted to drive off somewhere to get some hot asian pussy for the night.

By then the crowd had thinned down to about 5-6 ppl and seeing the owner had bailed on them, the remaining party went back to the table for more drinks where all of them were pretty much half-drunk. The remaining party was the 2 guys my mom had dirty dance with, 2 guys and their gfs (a malay gal and a chinese gal) and my mom. The Malay gal was pretty gorgeous, fair skinned with short cropped hair and a nice hour-shaped body clad in a blue bikini set with matching sarong. The chinese gal however was abit pimply with longer hair and if I remember correctly bespectacled. However, her body was lithe and she was quite tall for an asian gal. She was wearing a small white floral tshirt and a white sarong.

The guys cleared the table of drinks and placed the bottles on the floor. One of the younger dudes took an empty bottle and placed it in the middle of the table and they started to play a game of "spin the bottle/Strip or dare".

As the bottle was spun and landed on the malay gal opposite my mom, they cheered her on as she removed her sarong titillatingly which show her matching blue bikini bottom as her top. This went on for quite a while until basically everyone was shirtless except for my mom and the other Chinese girl.

Then when it was the malay gal's turn....They egged her on to remove her bikini but she was hesitant since there were so many guys around her...They then settled on her bitting a cocktail cherry with my mom. My mom and the malay gal leaned forward and started to bite the dangling cherry. The cheeky boyfriend raised the cherry deliberately and my mom ended up kissing the malay girl. She was shocked at first but the malay gal held her head towards her and gave her a full kiss on the lips. She lost again and then had to kiss her bf infront of everyone. My mom though shocked was visibly turned on as I saw her lick her lips in pleasure....

At the next spin, the tip of the bottle (unfortunately/fortunately) landed in my mom's direction...meaning it was her turn to strip. When it happened, the entire table exploded in wolf whistles and lustful cheers as I guess that's what all the men intended all along.

My mom yelped at the thought cos I guess she was wearing that really really skimpy bikini and was yet to be comfortable showing her assets to men she did not know very well. She crossed her arms in defiance amid their taunts. This only angered them as they banged on the table and even from afar I could hear them yell "TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!."

The Chinese gal then offered to rescue my poor mom and offered to exchange her t-shirt with my mom's camisole. They haggled for quite a while, demanding that my mom change infront of them till my mom overcome with a momentary shyness ended up relenting to their request.

As my mom lifted her top, you can hear literally hear the silence followed by shouts of amazement as the men stared wide eyed at the monstrosity that is her large knockers unleashed from the confines of her camisole

You can see that she was sweating profusely as drops of sweat made her skin shiny and the sweat drops flowed down the crevices of her breasts like a river parting mountains.......The men ogled at her breasts as they imagine how they would be playing with those massive jugs.

However, their view was short-lived cos the Chinese gal had taken off her top and passed her t-shirt and my mom struggled to wear her T-shirt which was at least 2 sizes smaller. . The T-shirt went on with much difficulty (it was literally pulling at the seams) and was stretched to the limit by my mom's mature breasts. The t-shirt came down far enough to cover the gap of two inches at her waist, revealing her small tummy that was slightly visible due to her having some baby fats. Her generous tits shook like jelly under the too tight tshirt. As her whole body was sweaty, it made her white floral t-shirt translucent and you could visibly see her black microkini underneath as it stuck to her skin.

Eager to get her to remove her top, they spun the bottle again and this time and when my mom was not watching the spinning bottle, the Fat white guy stopped the bottle in its tracks till it pointed at my mom. This time my mom opted to remove her sarong bottom and without her permission, the tall guy ripped off her sarong with one quick pull, revealing her black matching microkini bottom/thong beneath. My mom yelped in protest but the guys only laughed and she did not even took the initiative to put her sarong back on or cover her crotch. The thong she wore was literally a small flimsy piece of cloth that covered her pubic region and she looked really sexy and indignant.

The next spin was her turn again and this time it really did her in, she had to remove her top as well as down a couple of shots. When she removed the top, my mom playfully stood on the deck chair and tantalizingly removed it and swung her T-shirt in the air as the guys cheered her on, gazing how her breasts her bouncing as she swung her t-shirt above her head. As a bonus to their cheering, she and the rest of the gals were prompted to do a dirty dance and they danced around the guys before she settled on the tall guy, each gal giving their respective partner a lap dance...It was so hot, seeing your mom removing her clothes one piece at a time and then grinding another guy as he sat.

My mom along with the other gals was swaying to the music, and positioned herself in front of the tall guy. She smiled at him, turned around and arched her back as she wiggled her thong clad bottom at his face. Her thong was so thin you could literally see her bare butt cheeks and I bet even a few strands of her pubic hair. She then lowered her bottom toward his lap till his crotch was just above her bare buttocks and the guy reached up to hold onto her hips guiding her towards his crotch while his others fingers were playing with her flimsy waistband. She looked over her shoulder at him and I saw her licking her lips in a rather seductive fashion and she had this Come Fuck Me look. To tease him further she then gingerly grinded her buttocks against his crotch in a circular fashion, cock-teasing him till there was really visible tent on his beachshorts. By now, the poor guy was grunting ecstatically and he reached out and smacked her loudly on her ass several times, my mom yelping hornily as he did so like she was enjoying being spanked....

This got her really turned on cos she spun around and then climbed ontop of his friend the fat man's lap, facing him as her knees rested on his thighs, spreading his legs wide. She then put her hands on his shoulders and brushed her body against him. I could see the guy going wild as he felt her squish her large soft mounds against his chest and face. She then pressed further and buried his face in her bottom as he licked the sweat off her skin and brushed his face against heavenly breasts...The fucker was moaning like he died and gone to heaven. She then lowered herself and hooked her legs around his waist..rubbing her crotch against his chest and laid her back on the table. As she laid on the table, you can see her breasts flopping sideways and threatening to escape the confines of her bikini.

Then, as she was teasing/grinding the fat guy (F), the tall guy (T) stood up and leaned forward to her lying body. T leaned over, put one hand behind my mom's head. Catching her off guard, he pushed her face upwards and gave her a deep kiss, burying his mouth on hers. My mom felt the angmor man's tongue push between her lips and teeth. The stabbing tip of his masculine tongue rolled around in her mouth as she was taken aback. His hand held her head firmly, afraid that she would struggle against his kiss. F on the other hand was stroking his fingers on her tighs and moving towards her butt, squeezing them through her thong and enjoying the sight...

As he withdrew his tongue he hollowed his cheeks and sucked her limp tongue into his sweet tasting mouth. My mom was frozen. For a moment she stared deeply into his eyes, as her soft pink tongue rested inside the his mouth, probing for more. Finally, mom pushed herself away and stood up. Her breath came in ragged gasps, wipping away his saliva which was all over her mouth. "I think I'd better clean up the pit", she said. Then she walked towards the bbq pitt with wobbly legs away from the group as she tried to regain her composure.

She looked back and by now, the 2 couples were openly kissing each other on the chairs and were brazenly making out. The malay gal's bf was now so horny,he had his hands inside her bikini top, copping a feel of her Bcup breasts while the Chinese chick was literally necking her boyfriend and hugging him tightly as they dry humped on the deck chair....

The 2 couples that were making out moved on to heavy petting got so hot heavy that they decided to retire into the house and disappeared from the view.

My mom was so drunk that she had problems cleaning up the bbq area. As she needed to douse the flames, she had to take a bowl and scoop water from the pool, stagger back to the pit to put the fire out. T&F who remained laughed hilariously as my mom attempted to put out the fire in vain.

As my mom bent over to the scoop more water, T crept up behind her and placed his hands on both her butt cheeks while she was off-guard and then promptly shove her into the pool. I saw a big splash as she shrieked, lost her balance and fell headlong into the pool. As she stood up chest deep in the pool due to the height, she tried in vain to wipe off the water from her face. She was however momentarily blinded as T and F cannonballed into the pool, splashing more water in her face.

Disorientated, my mom was easily scooped her up in T's arms. My mom resisted against his grip as he laughed evilishly like he had caught his prey. He ignored her protests and spun her around, making her dizzy. With a big yelp he dunked her back into the pool with my mom in his arms. The three were soon splashing, laughing and playing in the water as both of them ganged up on my mom, splashing water at her. While T was splashing water at her face, F boldly went up to her, circled his large bearish arm around her tiny waist, drew her closer and raised her up before giving her a long soulful wet kiss on the lips.

T was behind my mom and the angmors had her sandwiched. Their hands groping her bare midriff as they toyed with her mercilessly. As F continued bear hugging and kissing my poor trapped mom, T reached up and gently undid the microkini top effortlessly from behind her.

It took my mom a a moment to feel it, but her large breasts began to float free on the water. F ended his kiss and T continuing to roughhouse tossed my mom few feet in the water. She came up sputtering. Standing in waist deep water, she wiped drops from her eyes and saw her black microkini top floating between her and the two men.

I heard her yell "Oh Shit!" and she quickly placed her hands over her tits to cover them. Her small hands however were too tiny to cover everything save for her nipples. She then began walking through the water towards her top as it floated towards them.

T was however more sober and quicker than her. He grabbed the top away from her and a spirited game of "Monkey" began. T and F then walked towards opposite ends of the pool, throwing her skimpy top back and forth over my mom.

My poor busty mom tried chasing back and forth a few times in vain, her tiny hands cradling her large breasts and pressing her skinny arms against them like this. As she was quite short/petite, she had a hard time staggering through the water without using her hands, not to forget that she was super drunk by then.

To make matters worse (or good) the two men threw the top so high she needed to stretch and jump to grab for it. Each time she jumped to reach for her top, her boobs jiggled and made a splash onto the water and a few times, her arms gave way nearly revealing herself to those 2 lecherous men while they hooted at her. The more she jumped, the higher each other threw..making her breasts flop onto the water as they took advantage of their height difference with her.

Finally she gave up, and sternly said, "Boys, give me back my top right now." The guys stopped and looked at each other and taunted her with her bikini top said: "No way in hell, gal..not unless you show us yours and we show you ours..MUAHAHAHA." T and F licked their fingers and suggestively made cirles around their nipples taunting her with clownish faces. T then took her bikini top and took a deep whiff bunched it up and stuff it in his mouth. Her arms still crossed over her chest cupping each boob in each tiny hand like this.

My mom shouted back: " Idiot! You are disgusting!!! Give me back my top!"

They ignored her pleas and continued taunting her as she crossed her arms angrily.

"Okay, Okay!...If you give us each a kiss on the cheek." T taunted, leaning his face towards her as he passed the bikini top to F.

My mom pondered on her options for a while, she couldn't get out of the pool without using her hands and risk exposing her bare breasts to those 2 men that had her trapped in the pool.

Crossing her arms tightly against her chest, she cautiously tip-toed towards the leaning man and pouted her lips to kiss him.

That kiss was to be a huge mistake cos T then caught my naive mom off-balance and with one hard tug pulled her body towards him and held her in place with his arms on her shoulders. "Gotcha now!" He grinned leeringly as my mom realized she has been duped and trapped.

My mom stared at him like a deer caught in headlights as he brazenly darted his mouth against my mom's face, grabbing her head and planting a huge wet one full on her lips. To prevent her from moving her head, he used his free hand to compress her head against his, locking her in a deep soulful kiss. T

His arms tried to push her hands down against her will so that he can have finally gain access to my mom's gorgeous bare breasts which he and F had been eyeing all night. My mom being drunk quickly succumbed to his will and before soon, her hands pushed down and her naked large breasts flopped free onto the water once more. This time my mom stood in stunned silence, enjoying T's tongue probing her mouth and she did not make any effort to cover her exposed chest with her arms.

Seizing the opportunity that my mom had thrown all inhibitions into the wind, F threw my mom's top far away from the pool and waded towards the hugging couple to join in the fray.

"Look at this busty monkey we caught! LOL" F joked loudly.

My mom who was now Frenching T, enjoying his wet tongue in her mouth either did not hear or simply ignored that comment. Her D cup breasts exposed and floating in the water and as she was breathing hard and a flushed red on both her cheeks.. This caused ripples as her twin peaks bob up and down from the water surface. Her round and heavy looking breasts capped by large dark brown areolas and pronounced fat nipples now free from the confines of her hands. Ready to be groped, her nipples were pink red and firmed, teased by the cold water and the exciting thought that she was now topless in her boss's swimming pool with 2 strangers she had just met hours ago.

F then got behind her and started rubbing her shoulders down to her arms. Using his finger to stroke gently on her back and waist and letting her relax getting used to his touch. Most of the time he was holding her very tight and arched over her small frame seemingly whispering in her ear. Through out he was whispering dirty things to her ears and though I can't hear it, he's probably telling her how sexy she is and how she's gonna feel real good with their dicks inside her.

As her breathing got deeper and deeper, she was getting more and more aroused as T locked her face to his, kissing her roughly. He snapped back his head to catch his breath. He sighed against her throat as his fingers sifted through her mat wet silken hair, with a burning need to kiss her further he has his mouth brushed over her cheek, over her chin. His mouth caressed her lips slowly, teasingly. His intention was clear, but he gave her every opportunity to turn her head, to stop him. But she didn't. With a groan, his mouth found hers again and he slipped in his large tongue through her teeth and explored the wet confines of her mouth. To fill her mouth further with his tongue, he had to raise my mom's short stature upwards towards his mouth by tugging at her hair hard and she arched her back excitedly, tip-toeing to swallow more of his tongue in like a chick by fed a worm by its parent.

F who was standing behind her stroked his fingers gingerly on her bare shoulders, his fingers definitely wanting to grab her boobs but felt it was too premature and afraid he might scare her. He hugged her from behind and bury his face in her neck and ear, teasing him with his fat tongue.

He clamped his teeth on her neck near her shoulders, like a boa-constrictor strangling its prey. When he did that, I saw my mom's body stiffen and she let out an audible moan in between kisses when she realized what F was doing. In between kisses and love-biting her neck, F pulled her against him and began whispering in her ear. How beautiful she was. How she was the prettiest and bustiest girl in the party. How her breasts were so beautifully large.

My mom's boobs were now raised above the water-line, her nipples harden and stood erect to the ministrations of F &T. Cool air wafted over her breasts, and she felt her nipples tighten as the cold water caressed her aureoles till they were bright pink. Soon the water wasn't the only thing that was carressing her and as she was really getting visibly turned on, I saw her arms lift from the water, cupping her breasts with her small child-like hands and this time she was not only not covering up her modesty but flagrantly tweedling her nipples in plain view, stimulating herself and showing how horny they had made her.

Seeing that she was horny like fuck, F then grabbed hold of her left wrist firmly and waved his finger at her...saying: "No no my princess, Why don't you play with this while I play with THOSE." This referring to the raging hard-on he has in his pants and THOSE meaning her breasts.

With that he plied her left hand forcibly from her chest and guiding her to the front of his boxers. . Involuntarily my mom's fingers was soon inside his pants and wrapped around F's hard tube of fuck flesh. In the dark she took her time, feeling every ridge and vein in the pulsating slab of meat inside his pants as she gave him a handjob from behind, her tiny hand grabbing his large European cock which she had probably never tried or tasted b4. I guess she wanted to wax him off quickly, she jerked his huge dick faster and harder, wishing that this would be over soon.

It would not be so as since F's hands are free, he reached his hands from stroking her bare arms and proceeded to attack the holy grail which were her breasts and due to this she slowed the pace of her hands beating his dick-flesh.

Towering over her, he slipped his invading hands over her shoulders as her breathing was now more hectic, face flushed and he first slid his middle finger in deep between her cleavage, stroking the inner-sides of her breasts, teasing her by not touching her nipples which she most likely ached to be played with.

His fingers then first started grazing the sides of her breasts, stroking his fingers and from time to time jabbing his fingers into her soft mounds. My mom sensing this assault on her bare breasts tried to raise her free right arm to cover her chest but was stop short by T who held her right wrist tightly keeping them in the water.

She gasp loudly when his hands finally made contact with her breasts...With free access, F's large hands cradled her breasts, kneading them from the sides like this and cuping and hefted her heavy tits from behind. The fucker was stroking them, kneading them in his hands like a baker does his dough. He then proceeded to slap her breasts, making small splashes in the water as he taunted my mom. Even with his large angmor hands, it was not big enough to encompass over the vastness of her bosom as he tried to grope every single inch of her breasts. He grabbed her breasts from the back, stretching his fingers over the soft flesh and squeezing them, then he cupped and shook them, then he brought his thumb and forefinger together over the deep pink skin of her pert nipples and pinched and pulled.

My mom was soon being turned on past the point where she could easily conceal it, and started to let out little pants and moans that were completely involuntary. She arched her back, it was as if she were thrusting her tits out for his pleasure, and he was taking a lot of pleasure in it. His actions became quicker: squeezing, cupping, lifting, jiggling, pinching... all in quick succession. Her breathing was short and torn, she didn't know whether to fight for control now or just let herself go. Her hands now no longer stroking F's dick but using it as a support to bring her large breasts nearer to F's masterful playing hands.

Suddenly she realized that the hard wedge driving itself into the small of her back wasn't F's hip bone. It was his prick, rock hard and jutting up through his beachshorts, and he was slowly grinding it against her as if unable to control himself. My mom steadied herself and looked down, and there it was, his cock absolutely erect and solid for her, released now since his pants were just below his thighs and his raging meatstick was like a handlebar for her to lean on. Oh, but it was big. Even the silhouette of the rest of his dick in his shorts, that she could see how massive it was and how it made her child-like hands looked even smaller. This was probably the first time she saw a European cock as she only had chinese dicks in her short sexual past.

Wanting a piece of the action, T released his hold of my mom's right hand which conveniently coiled around his neck. He pulled her closer and allowed his hands to roam over his friend's hands. Then T flipped her around and two more hands started invading her chest area, making my mom moan like a pussy in heat as he applied pressure on her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Her moaning was so audible now that even from upstairs I could hear: "More! More! I want it like this!!!"

She was heaving and moaning loudly, her body jerking around the water as both men thrashed her around the water like 2 dogs fighting over a rag-doll.

At that moment T gave the outside of her tender tits both a soft, open handed slap, finding another way to make them jump and jiggle for him. She didn't feel the slap in her chest though; she felt it between her legs. Between the constant teasing of her breasts, the cock that was knocking into her sides despite her hands hanging on to it for dear life, she was getting... she was getting really wet, even though she was already waist-deep in water. She squealed, choking the sound off, and she found that for some reason she was trying to hide her arousal - twisting her waist and pressing her thighs tightly together. That, of course, alerted F instantly to what was going on.

"Oh dude, do that again," F requested from behind her, his voice thick with arousal, "That was... fuck, that was so hot."

"Relax man," T grinned devilishly, "I think Eve liked that too." He opened his hands again and brought them in, hard and fast. Slapping her breasts angrily like an abusive husband making his wife shut up.

Her flesh quivered and shook, and although this time My mom didn't feel it deep within herself, it still made her yelp and added to the fog of arousal that was clouding her brain. In fact, it wasn't the sensations from her chest that were affecting her now she realised, it was the feeling that she was on a polished incline and that she was sliding inexorably down it, picking up speed and with no way of slowing herself.

Her thighs were tense and she cried out, a short bark releasing the other tension that was building inside her. She hung her head now, letting her tangle of raven hair fall infront of her face, blood rushing to her cheeks. This was exactly what she wanted, but that didn't stop her from finding it so, so embarrassing. Her knees were buckling and save for her hand on F's hard large member, she would have went under water.

More slaps. More squeezing. More pinching. More moans and gasps wrought from her body from the two men. Her breasts were sensitive and marked red by palm prints now; they felt somehow heavier than usual, and every time her torso moved she was excruciatingly aware of how they swung and bounced.

"You are so bloody beautiful," T whispered and suddenly he was leaning down, half crouching, half bending to bring his massive frame to a level where he could suck the pink, hard buttons of her nipples between his pink lips.

My mom's head flew back and she let it rest against F's shoulder as this new, softer assault began. T's lips pulling and sucking at her tingling flesh, gentler than his fingers but somehow more insistent, and every now and then his big tongue flicking the tips of her nipples up and down, light and quick and over before she knew it. As he moved over to her other breast she felt F's lips, and the rough scratch of his stubble, as he leaned down to kiss her neck.

It was around at this time that I wanted to call her to see if she's okay as well as look more since T's head was in the way of the view as the both men completely blocked her view of her large breasts. I contemplated using the cell-phone that she had left with me but it might mean they wld stop their actions on....I thought for a long while but the way T was suckling on my mom's tits got me so curious, I summoned up my courage and left the room. Tiptoing through the hallway till i reached the stairs.

As I crept downstairs towards my busty mom and the 2 dudes in the pool, I saw 2 shadows in the kitchen. The kitchen was separated by a sliding glass door which i quietly and gingerly removed. When I peered in, I saw the Malay gal bent over the kitchen table with her bikini bottom on the floor and her bikini top hanging from her neck. Behind her stood her young angmor bf with his cock plunging in and out of her wet pussy. I just froze and listened to them have sex. Malay girl (M) kept yelling how much she loved his cock. How he could have her anytime he wanted.

She was yelling: "Adu Adu!!! Adu!!!! Cepat Faster! Cepat Sayang!!!!"

I guess her BF had learnt his Malay and he upped the pace and rammed into her her hairy pussy from behind..He was snorting: "You Sg whores are so fucking horny! Cepat Yeah? Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!!!"

I could see his thight ass clenching as he grinded her further in....sliding his dick between her cunt flesh and using her hips for support.... He then slowly took his cock laden with M's juices and slowly inserted the head into her ass. Slowly at first, but as half of his shaft entered, I saw her fingers back working her cunt as she pushed her ass back onto his cock. He began plunging his cock deep into her ass and she seemed to orgasm with each and every stroke.

Though i wanted to stay and watch (I nv saw a minah get pounded by an angmor b4), thoughts abt my mom override my curiosity and I let myself quietly out the sliding glass doors again and went back to see how my mom was doing....

As I crept towards the living room which was facing the pool directly, my mom though drunk caught my movements and shrieked in fear, worried that her son will see her in such a compromising situation.

She shoved away the hands that were wrapped around her breasts and pushed them away. She then wadded towards the edge of the pool and lowered her torso until she was shoulder-deep in water like this & that : She hid her tits behind the pool wall, but stuck her head up over the pool rim, covering her large bosom against the water for fear for me seeing her. F submerged his whole body into the shallow water and quietly moved to the edge where his head would be hidden by the pool side. T on the other hand placed his arm over her shoulder and grinned and waved at me. Trying to convince me that nothing out of the ordinary was going on...this was despite the fact that his pants was most likely across his knees and his other hand most likely underwater doing nasty shit to my mom's body, probably groping her breasts while my mom was trying to make a straight conversation with me...

She yelled from the pool:" AH Boy wat u doing downstairs? Go...up....Ohh......Urgh......upsta....irs..... now!" her voice catching in her throat as F was obviously not going to stop playing with her body underneath the water.. not even if her son was like 10 feet from his poor sexually abused mother. Her eyes was glazed now and she was stammering both in fear and ecstasy. She was struggling to keep her composure so she could get me to go up without leaving the pool topless. What would her son think of his mom if he saw that she was topless with 2 angmor uncles that were clearly scheming to fuck her silly...

Wanting to see more what they were doing, I acted "BLUR" and rubbing my eyes sleepily and gave a fake yawn like I had just woken up and said: "Mommy what are you and uncle doing in the water? Can I join you all..."

Sto...p!!!! Don't come argh...ummmm....ahh.....stop that! and this Un......cle playing"..She whimpered as she struggled to voice her words while she tried to carry a conversation with me. Her hands trying to stop the men's roving hands and glaring at T to stop what they were doing. T instead gave this crazy wide grin, wanting to push the envelop of how much decency they can make this horny busty mom breach....He clearly din give 2 hoots that she was a single mom and her kid was probably gonna see his mom in a compromising way. I bet it would have been even more sexciting for them if I had watched as they fucked my mother.

I realized fairly quickly that since she was struggling to keep her composure. Her tits were now spilling out of the pool and it was pretty clear she was topless. I decided that if I had walked further, she would really freak out and leave the pool and there wouldn't be any show any more. Thus, I then decided it was best for me to go up.

I told her: "Okay, since you playing with Uncle...I go up and sleep now. Good Night mommy!"

"O...K.....Don't come come come come.....down okie?...Oh My...Ohhhh...Arghh...." She commanded and there was a look of relief on her face.

They waited until I was not in view and F emerged from the water. He was clearly out of breath, clearly enjoying himself underwater. "Man that bitch is hot! I can't believe she could make a straight face while my fist was in her! Hahaha...Lady, you are one of a kind.."

"Are you crazy! That was my son! What were you doing?" She yelled at him trying to slap him but F laughed and held her wrist quickly, then proceeded to pin her onto the side of the pool

He yelled laughingly: "C'mon, we all know you want some of this! Don't deny!"

With that, he smacked her ass loudly. Piak Piak Piak, his hands lifting her body above the water and slapping her thong clad ass cheeks. All my mom could do was whimper and her body despite her good intentions was responding to the shameful spanking of her ass...Her body pinned for it, hungry for cocks. When she quieten down, they then flipped by mom around, taking turns to kiss her as they rough-house her through the water.

I realized I couldn't see really clearly from the stairs so i pelted up the stairs, running back to the attic window and what I saw was horrifically erotic...

She was held on her tummy as they played with her boobs from underwater. Their fingers on her skimpy waistband, tugging it down her butt. However she was trying to keep it on and held out a hand over her bikini thong, pleading them to keep it on her.

Irritated, they then flip her on her back as she floated face up on the water, her gigantic boobs flopped upwards on the water. F held her back from underneath and now with full reign over her body, lowered his hands and groped her breasts while she leaned on the side of the pool like this. He was groping them, mashing them as my mom pleaded him to stop. However, since she was not resisting and her body was in fact responding contrary to her words, he sank down his mouth on the breast nearest to his face. His teeth nibbling on her bare nipples as my mom groaned and moaned loudly, driven wild with pleasure as her nipples were very very sensitive.

They heard her breath coming in short and jagged gasps. T, his cock ready to explode, pushed down his shorts, stood, lifted my mom spread her legs, and while she still reeling from the pain on her butt and their attacks on her breasts, she didn't realize his large dick springing from his shorts and pointing evilly at her direction. He held his cock looked into her eyes and began lowering her until his bulbous cock head brushed her hair and face. My mom did not realize his hard wet tube until it was brushing against her lips....he was motioning for her to suck it....My mom then turned her face away from his dick in revulsion and this really really got T angry.

With a big heave, both of them lifted her up so that she was seating on the side of the pool and they spread her legs wide. T then positioned himself between her legs and dived headlong into her muffin. He parted the thin fabric of her thong and dived his mouth inside her wet pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her crack, then pushed inside and licked back-and-forth. My mom, knees buckling had to stabilize herself by placing her hands on the edge of the pool...

She was now perched up on the side of the pool like this and getting eaten. His eyes looked up long enough to see her eyes closed in expectation. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him tighter against her flesh, smothering him firmly. His hands wrapped around the back of her legs and gripped her calves.

He began to kiss against her pussy, opening his mouth like he was giving her a French kiss. His tongue began to probe and slide. Moving around and over her clit with a firm tongue, at times slow, and at times thrumming rapidly, his breath became more and more laborious as he strained to breath while being smothered into her pussy. While he worked her pussy, she clenched her thighs around his head and locked her legs, and pressed her heels into his back as she began to buck her hips up against his mouth. They rode like that for quite a while, his cheeks and her thighs getting wetter and wetter, and teeth clenched as she moaned. She began to dig her heels into his back and grind fiercely against him, his breathing stopped as he was completely smothered. She rode him like that for 30 seconds before gushing forcefully, her wetness washing over his face along with the swimming pool water as she screamed through clenched teeth.

His breathing came back strongly and he began to rub over her clit fiercely with his stiffened tongue. She rode him again, standing up and thrusting her hips violently against his head, which she held in a vice-like grip. After a few minutes more she drove him to his back and sat on his face, her knees going wide so she could once again smother him with her pussy.

Her hips raising and then diving down atop him, she rode his mouth with glee. She suddenly began to raise her hips up and then slam down into him. She went faster, and faster and began to grunt loudly. After a moment lifted her hips slightly and groaned as she felt her climax coming over her body. Her cum dewed pubic hair wiping all over his face.

As my mom was enjoying T's tongue trashing in her pussy, F by then had left the pool and was stripped naked. He was now, stroking his large member at the sight of this little asian busty girl being eaten by his friend.

My mom was super horny now that her mouth was making a permanent O and as T took a breather and stepped back. She was tugging her bikini bottom against her clit, using the friction of her thong to rub at her clit as she played with her tits willingly.

He and sat next to her, displaying his large pulsating dick and motioning her to do something about it. My mom then lean sideways and placed her fingers over his dick...pumping it till she had pre-cum all over her hands..To turn him on even further, she leaned her body against him and crushed her breasts in his face, while grinding her crotch against his knee...Her hands going up and down his shaft, pumping him furiously while he feasted hungrily at her breasts...bitting at her nipples now.

Then it happened...F grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head towards his dick. My mom was taken aback and gently reached forward with her right hand, her delicate fingers encircling F's hard old shaft. His dick was long and bulbous and had brown pubic hair sticking out...

Her small hand could barely close around the incredible girth and it felt like grasping a thick rubber hose. Finally he used his fingers to spread her lips and wiped his drooling cock across her teeth and tongue. Realizing what was expected, my mom opened her mouth and F guided his throbbing pole between her parted lips and across her curled tongue with closed eyes, placed the tip of the head between her full red lips and jammed his dick into her wet, warm mouth.

F groaned as my mom hot mouth took his cock in. "Damn Eve, you Singaporean women really make good cock suckers, suck it up bitch...I bet you ever had meat so big before!"

"Suck me, you horny SG bitch! Arghh...." He moaned with eyes closed and shifted as my mom flicked the ridge that ran underneath the fat head. She stroked him lightly as she teased his head with her tongue. As his cock stiffened from the stimulation, his eyes fluttered open. She grasped the base of his cock in her hand and squeezed gently as she ran the tip of her tongue along the crown.

Looking straight at him, she opened her mouth and sucked the head between her pink lips. My mom took the fully engorged cockhead back in her mouth and began sucking, his hands grabbing her hair and guiding her head down onto his shaft. She bobbed her head as rapidly as she could as her right hand started stroking the remaining shaft. Her hand began sliding faster as saliva leaked from her lips helping to coat the shaft.

Using her cock-sucking skills perfected by Sifu & gang, she engulfed him, sucking as her mouth slid down his shaft. On the upstroke, she released him with a wet pop and licked her lips expertly. Moving to the base, she flattened her tongue against his cock flesh and slowly slid upwards along the heavily veined shaft. When she reached the top, she once again flicked her tongue across the sensitive underside of the thick knob, which drew a loud moan from F.

His cock twitched as my mom wrapped her lips around the head tightly and once more slid down, taking it into her hot mouth. While she licked and sucked his cock, her hands roams around his pubic region as she fondled his balls, squeezing them lightly.

He grabbed her hair and used her tresses as reins, pulling her down onto his cock as he slammed his hips up and plunged his cock into the humid warmth of her mouth. Her firm breasts swayed and bounced as the forceful thrusts of F's dick moved her body. She took her hands from his cock and planted them on the wood deck in order to keep her balance and stop herself from falling backward into the bubbling water.

She pulled her mouth off, but her hand never quit stroking the shaft. "Warn me before you cum," she said before returning her lips to his cockhead. His head snapped backwards and a battle raged on as he tried to keep his composure as my mom's lips stimulated the sensitive parts of his dick, her warm moist mouth feeling like a tight pussy wrapped around his weiner.

Suddenly, her furious pace slowed down considerably and F opened his eyes to see that T had swam towards them and was now having his hands in her crotch region.

Gripping her thighs, T parted the flimsy thong aside and sank his long bony fingers into her creamy skin as she moved on top of him. My mom's boobs jiggled and bounced up and down wildly as pleasure shot through her body.

Trailing his other free fingers along her thighs, he slipped one between the folds of her pussy and found the engorged nub of her clit, tracing her vagina lips and plucked at her loose pubic hair. My mom gasped as bolts of pleasure jolted through her. The tip of his finger rubbed over her swollen button and heat spread through her pussy. Throwing her head downwards on F's dick, she closed her eyes and let the sensation wash through her as she felt his reckless toying of her pussy.
With a loud snort, F pulled her head down and my mom's eyes flew wide open. She made a gurgling sound just as milky white sperm shot out the sides of her mouth. I could see her gulp several times and F, being the typical Chao Angmor asshole, yanked his cock out quickly and shot another couple blasts of semen at her face, slapping his puking snake along her reddened cheeks. She surprised them by leaning forwards and putting her lips back around the tip of his cock and gulped a few more times. Her hand was now only stroking forwards on the shaft like it was milking it for sperm. He groaned as T remarked:" Look at how hungry this cock-sucker is for ur cum! Hahahaha" F still in the threshold of climax and blowing his load into my mom's sweet mouth as he grunted further and tug her hair furiously towards his crotch.

When my mom had milked him dry, F relaxed and slipped back into the water to clean his wet limp dick. Not satisfied that my mom had only sucked off F, T stopped finger-fucking my mom, he then lunged forward grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the edge and dragged her back into the pool with him.

My mom yelped, annoyed that he had stopped pleasuring her: "Oooi Mr...why you stop? That was so good...I want your fingers in me. Harder faster!"

"Eh bitch, We are the ones fucking you...Not the other way round. Now turn around and hold my dick like an obedient slut! You Singaporeans are known to obey us right? hahahah"

As T continued mocking her, he gently kissed her hair and neck. Slowly he ran his palm up her arm and drew her hand into the water. T entwined his fingers in
hers's and lowed her hand into the water. Using both his and her hand, he led her to grasp his substantial cock. He guided her fingers up and down its length. Still teasing her to her, he gently removed his hand. My mom in a daze, left her hand on his organ and ran her fingers around his shaft.

"Hold my dick tightly!", T barked.

With that, my mom surprisingly obeyed his command and turned around, one of her hands gripped tightly on the swimming pool's handle bars while they other was gripped firmly over his underwater cock.

He then position himself beside her and through the water, parted her bikini thong aside till he has full view/range of her pussy. T, his cock ready to explode stood, hooked my mom's leg up and spread her legs, and while she still held his cock looked into her eyes and began lowering her until his bulbous
cock head brushed her pubic hair. "Put it in," he said with a growl.

"No! No! I can't, You are not wearing a condom! Not safe!" cried my mom.

"You Singaporeans are such pussies. You want it right? I can give it to you and pull it out quickly. I promise...c'mon bitch..take it in...You know you want me inside you"

Unknowingly or not, T being so domineering had said all of the right things. She unconsciously rubbed his cock head up and down her slit. It tickled her clit, then she pressed his throbbing muscle down and the mushroom head parted her labia. The searing poker in her hand inched into her love tunnel. T didn't move as he held my mom, floating on her back in the water. Her hard pink aureole cut through the small waves that washed across the pool. Her balloon like tits floated sensuously under the warm water.

T, holding my's hips, slowly pulled her onto his prong. My mom began to moan as their pubic hair entwined, floating together in a submerged tangle of young and old, a mat of cunt and cock hair.

He began thrusting hard into her wide open cunt canal. His large body creating waves that jerked my mom back and forth in the small pool. His raging dick slammed into her like a missile torpedo and rammed into the warm confines of her as my mom moaned and grunted, thrashing her small busty body in the water like a rag doll...

T thrust his hips forward, nudging my mom and she moaned when he grazed her clit. He reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing my poor mom's nipples and tugging her down towards him.

T then sucked the bottom of her earlobe into his mouth and lightly raked it with his teeth. His stubble scratching the sensitive skin on her smooth neck. She leaned against him, wanting more, clearly needing more than he could give.

T kissed her jawline, inching closer to her mouth and she turned to face him, touching her lips to his. The kiss deepened instantly. She opened her mouth for his tongue. A hot, heavy ache settled low in her belly and she pressed her hands against his chest, tracing the lines of his muscles with her fingertips while their tongues tangled.

She squirmed and threw her arms out to her behind her behind her to grip the edge of the pool with her hands. It felt so good, her head was spinning..She couldn't stop begging. Each time he pulled out of her she gasped, "Please, don't stop.

F waded towards the fucking couple and stroked her hair as she fucked T. H then bent over to kiss her belly button while stroking her thighs. His hands widening her tight cunt for his friends engorged dick and he spread her fleshy ass cheeks and used his finger to tickle her asshole.

With her pussy lips spread wider, T plunged in hard, his crotch rubbing furiously on her clit and she opened her mouth in a loud horny scream as wave after hot, delicious wave of ecstasy rolled through her.

She shifted her hips and sank down on T. My mom threw her head back and cried out at the full feeling. He stretched her, but she liked the sensation.

His hands locked on her hips and guided her movements, up and down, gradually faster. She was standing upright now with one of her legs held high, riding him hard, and her breasts bounced with every movement.

His hands urged her to go faster, harder, and his hips thrust to match her rhythm. She watched my mom's face. His brow was furrowed and his jaw was clenched. He stared at her breasts and his eyes looked glazed.

The sensations ripping through her body made her feel high, and she couldn't stop the grunts and pants exploding from her throat. She thought she felt another orgasm building and she closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling.

T slid one hand over her belly and his thumb burrowed down until he found her clit, hard, swollen and throbbing. One touch was all it took to send her over. She screamed and clenched her inner muscles hard around his shaft......

T however was not done and continued thrusting upwards and cradling her spread eagled in the water. Fucking her, toying with her, biting her earlobes as he heaved her up and down his dick. Both bodies sloshing in the water as they did so....

Suddenly, their lovemaking was interuppted and I peered down, seeing the Malay Gal's (M...I nv got her name) and her Bf (B) emerged from the kitchen and were at the door to the patio.

The poor malay girl was on her hands and was in a wheel-barrow position. She was being cart-wheeled out like a whore and while her bf was laughing non-stop, his bulging cock still embeded within her....The BF was giving a thumbs-up sign to the fucking trio in the pool.

He then yelled: " Hey guys! U wanna swap these bitches. I want some of that hot Chinese tits!"

T & F stopped fucking/grinding with my mom and grinned at him: "Hell yeah man! Lets share these bitches man"

"Hey M, walk over there so that we can have more room", he pointed at a row of lounge chairs near the pool. With that he then wheeled poor M forward who had to walk with her hands where his dick was pointing at.

T & F promptly lifted my mom from the pool. My mom was essentially hugging T like a Koala Bear, her legs crossed over his chest, while his hands were on her butt checks, propping her up against his dick. He then leaned her on her back while she laid next to the Malay girl seating next to her. M though drunk and horny was giggling and reached out her hands to play with my mom's massive tits. My mom groaned at M's touch, even more turned on now if it was even possible...

M laid on her back and brought my mom's lips to her and started darting her tongue at her earlobes and face...hugging her. M was really beautiful then and utterly turned on. Her ebony skin shining sexily with sweat as the shimmering pool light reflected on her body. Her hair was disheveled and was hanging loose from her shoulders. She was mewing as she kissed my mom full on the lips, both hands wrung around her neck and shoulders as she brought her closer to her body.

My mom, never been kissed by a girl was enjoying the attention and thrilled by the prospect that she was making out with someone of the same sex as 3 men decide who next to pound her sore pussy. Though she was really turned on, she was winded by the orgasm that T & F had given her and was laying on her back to rest, eyes closed and enjoying M's soft wet tongue playing on her bare skin.

Suddenly, my mom felt M's moan into her mouth and she opened her eyes to see F positioning himself between M. He was parting her legs earnestly and his big fat body slumped down on her while the lounge chair creaked due to the stress caused by 2 bodies doing the beast with 2 backs.

F was leaning on top of M with his elbows resting on the chair rest. His rotund hips spreading M's tiny legs apart as he pummel his shaft between her pussy lips. As M was young, her pussy was tight and the tautness gripped onto the base of his dick and he fought to push each inch inside her. With each inch of pussy ground earned, it was reciprocated to M's moaning and mewing a she arched her head backwards in pure ecstasy. So aroused she was that she had her hands behind his back, her fingernails scratching scratching and digging into his rear. Soon she was falling over the precipice of her first orgasm while impaled on a male flesh tube

"Adu, Adu, More more! Sayang...look at how F is...Ah....Ah...Ah...."

T remarked as he gave a playful elbow to B: "Singaporean women are so easy....All you need is to stick our cocks in and they are begging for more...LOL."

B: "Well, that's their government brought here....To seed this mother-fuckin country since the men here can't satisfy their women."

The two agreed and laughed at how horny they had made the two women..

"Now its my turn bitch!" B gave a war cry and leaped between my mom's legs at the same time, his finger nails buried deep in her firm buttocks. He hooked his fingers around her thin waist band and while my mom was still in an aroused tired state, peeled the skimpy black thong down her legs. Sensing little resistance even after he had removed her thong, he deftly spread her legs apart and admired the view that was afforded to him. Her pussy lips were wet, sore and still pulsing from all the sexual activity imposed on ti.

When my mom tried to get up to prevent him from coming onto her, he wrestled her till her arms are pinned down and lunge his hot red dick into my mom's pussy. In shock, all my mom could do was to widen her legs so that it won't hurt that much as his huge dick threatened to tear her apart. He gripped on to her calfs tightly as he fucked her in the roughest way possible. Her pussy must feel so tight that perhaps he was rubbing his cock-head with wet sandpaper.

The two women, oblivious to their taunts were hugging each other and kissing each other with unbridled passion...all while the two men were inside them, dicks trashing inside their respective cunts.

I stood enraptured by the sight of my mom so wanton and unbridled with lust....Brazenly making out with another woman while having her knees pole apart, stuffed with multiple Foreign Talent's cock.

B started breathing heavily and stared intently at her beautiful heaving breasts as her tits bounced obscenely with each thrust. He buried his face into her bosom and started lapping at her highly visibly aroused nipples, clamping them with his incisors and pulling them with his jaws. Her puffy nipples were hard and stood out tantalizingly from her round, gorgeous breasts.

In between sucks, he looked up into her expecting eyes: "Man, you are one hellava fuck, you like kissing my girlfriend? You like having white cocks inside you? Tell us you want it! You whore....You want some of this...Argh..."

My mom now had her eyes closed, too embarassed to say anything, her lips being bitten and pulled by M tantalizingly and she could do was nod as she craved for more cockflesh inside her.

As my mom started whimpering, he started fucking her with long, deep strokes, pulling her over-heated clit into her pussy with each downward thrust. My mom, with a permanent O in her mouth rolled her hips against him, moaning out loud as his thick cock pierced her faithless pussy, her juices flowing in a stream down between her ass cheeks.

Now with his hands resting on her knees, he split her up further like how you would a Durian and each downward stroke incited moans of satisfaction as he thrusts his prick headlong inside her alternating his pace from fast to slow. Each time he slowed down, my horny mom wrapped her legs around his waist and pleaded to go in faster, oblivious or not caring he was fucking her without a rubber on. It felt like she just wanted to pump him dry, swallowing his cock deeper into her womanly carven.

"Okay, time to switch guys!", T looked at his watch and shouted out like a referee. B and F still cock-deep in their respective sluts, high-fived each other like team players and it really looked like they had done it before, to other women.

B and F disengage from their cunts with loud plopping sounds. They then then switched partners and positions themselves at the foot of the lounge chairs.

B hugged M tenderly before flipping her over in doggy position. "Daddy loves M so much, you like F's big cock inside you...You were so amazingly hot, let Daddy doggy honny okay?"

All M could muster was a soft whimper:"Yes, Daddy...F was so huge but I like daddy better....fuck me Sayang...fuck me Daddy!!! Harder! Faster!!!!"

F on the other hand had slipped into my mom's cunt fairly easily and was pounding her, mixing M's cunt juice inside her highly lubricated vagina as his dick sloshed around it.

Seeing how B&M had changed positions, F was not satisfied with just purely missionary and he took his M's cunt-juice drench dick and smear it over my mom's buttocks, fingering her starshape anus as he plotted to grease his large member inside her ass. My mom, always afraid of getting ass-raped shook her head in fear and pleaded with him to stop. However, her feeble struggling was no match for his heavy body as he leaned ontop of her, his hand grabbing her asscheeks and parting them before forcibly burrowing himself in.

The monster cock hurt as she reeled at the shock of this backdoor incursion. Unfortunately for her, the more she struggle the more her anal sphincter muscles tighten around his cock, bidding him to push his raging member inside her.

My mom struggled with all her might but she simply didn’t have the strength to fight this uncaring oaf. She whimpered as his oversize member stretched all her most sensitive parts. She was begging him to stop and pushing his shoulders away with whatever little strength she has.

No one showed any sympathy and T and M started slapping her tits, hard. They laughed as her sensitive nipples became puffy from the slaps.

She cried, “Pain! Pain! Please stop! Ooohhh! Uuhhh.”

T just laughed again and demanded, “Say ‘I love you’. Come on say it or we’ll carry you upstairs so your son can see how his mother is being fucked.”

My mom cried, “No I dunch wanna love you. Please stop, Please don't that..”

T slapped viciously this time and her breasts were turning red from the uncaring slaps. with large handprints appearing on her soft supple skin. Her ass hurt from his rough handling. Her arms hurt where he held her raising him up and down. She said, “Ok. I love you. Now please stop.”

T slapped her tits again, “That’s not good enough. Say it like you mean it. And say it in Chinese.”

My mom sobbed, “What the Pain Pain!!!!! Ok. Wo ai ni. Now please stop.”

“What’s whoa I knee mean?” demanded T in a puzzled voice.

“Mean ‘I love you’. You said say in Chinese. I did. Let me go.”

“Not so quick. You keep saying whoa I knee until I say stop. I know you love F's cock cause it’s so big. He must fill you real good. Probably no room left inside. Now you show your appreciation by telling him you love him. NOW!”

My mom sobbed again, “Wo ai ni. Wo ai ni. Wo ai ni. Please stop now. Wo ai ni.”

F just kept on shoving her up and down on his cock as if she was nothing but a doll.

T grinned, slapped her tits some more, and said, “Now say it English and Chinese. Alternate back and forth and don’t stop. We know you’re enjoying your fucking. Probably the only fuck you got this year.”

My mom desperately complied hoping the slapping would stop; hoping F would take her off his enormous rod. “Wo ai ni. I love you. Wo ai ni. I love you. WoainiIloveyou. WoainiIloveyou.” Tears streamed down her face.

Unwillingly to let her go, He literally cock-screw her around till she was on all fours like M, her hands clutching the back of the chair as he ass-doggy-fucked her silly, the chair being pinned forward by his jerking forward motion.

As She fell on the lounge chair face down, she heard a scream.

It was M, “YESSSS! FUCKFUCKFUCK. Ohhh. You’re so good.” B had shot his load into her hot ebony pussy. Both collapsed onto deck chair in spooning position, him cuddling her and telling her everything will be okay.

F then dragged my mom Mei’s legs until they hung over the side arms, her knees on the seat and her ass sticking straight out. T then sat in front of her on the chair, his crotch jammed against her head. He grabbed her hair, hauled her head up and then shoved it down onto his crotch saying, “Suck me you bitch.”

My mom opened her mouth to protest but this just resulted in his limp cock flopping into her mouth. She tried to pull her head back but T just shoved her head even harder into his crotch repeating, “Suck me, make me hard. Lick me or I’ll smack your head.”

My mom lay there face down, her mouth closed on T’s flaccid member but there was no hardening. Her face was jammed so tightly into T’s crotch that she had trouble breathing.

Meanwhile, F while ass-raping her l had each grabbed each one of her ass cheeks and squeezed hard making her flinch even harder. He then started slapping her ass, one hand on the left cheek while the other spanked the right cheek. These were not light love taps. The slapping sounds rang loud and clear across the patio. My mom was unable to evade the vigorous spanking what with being face down ass-deep with white cock. She was totally at their mercy, or rather, lack of mercy.

As T listened to the loud spanking sounds, his cock finally started to, very slowly, harden. My mom felt his cock beginning to stiffen, bit by bit. But her ass hurt so much.

The slapping went on for a long time F stopping occasionally to pull her ass cheeks apart to poke her asshole before resuming their pitiless spanking. My mom’s bum bounced and jiggled, turning red and hot. Her large pendulum breasts were waggling with each deep trust that F rammed into her.

T’s cock finally ripened in her mouth and he began a slow bump and grind on her mouth. My mom was unable to move. She could only endure the pain of the spanking and ass fucking as she tried to breath with her face jammed on T’s cock and balls again.

Suddenly, I saw Thomas crept up sneekily behind F. He had probably just returned from fucking that young asian chick in his car. It must be crazy to return to see your good friends pounding your busty sexy secretary in the ass, pulling her hair with each stroke. This must be what he was dreaming about but it was too bad his friends had got there first. How many countless of days he spent working right next to her, beside her...wishing he could taste and ram his hard-cock inside her pussy while in the office. Now all those dreams were becoming a fast reality and her large breasts and tight pussy were inches away, all used....all well lubricated for his pleasure.

My mom's face now locked in T's pubic region was unable to see from her angle that her boss was standing directly behind her as she was being spit-roasted. He was now still in his BVDs and polo T-shirt and was so turned on by that sight he was openly rubbing his crotch through his pants.

It didn't take very long before F couldn't take it any longer and grunted:" are so tight!!!! I can't come out! FUCK FUCK FUCK! Take that you slut!!! He tugged at her hair cruely as he spasm uncontrollably, his large cock spurted inside her, filling her with his white gooey milk. My mom mouth-gagged with T's dickflesh was unable to say anything but: "Mmmph Mmmmph Mmmph

With a hand positioning over his lips, he smirked as he dropped his pants and underwear revealing his raging hard cock. . He had found her bikini top that he bought her and was rubbing it over his growing dick, thinking how close he was to having his way with her.

He crept up behind her quietly and started kissing her back. His tongue tracing the sweat drops from her body and savoring her horniness emanating from hours of love-making. He lapped it all out....My mom was still oblivious that it was Thomas behind her, assuming it was either B or F that was licking her back with his tongue.

Then with bated breath, he slowly but excitely stroked his fingers over her sides till it made contact with the sides of her swinging boobs. He caught them in mid swing and cupped them. There were tears of joy in his eyes when he did so. All those endless nights of pinning for those large fun bags encased in her tight office clothes, now they were she was his to fuck and own....It was like a dream come true!!!

As he was stimulating her tits my mom realized the person standing behind her was too tall or too skinny to be B or F. The grip on her bare breasts was so loving so tender, unlike the men who abused her earlier. She momentarily looked back and her eyes widen in shock to see Thomas leering away and playing with her fun bags like a Kid with a new toy.

He smiled back at her and the rest of the party and said:" You guys enjoying the party? Is Mrs. Zhou giving you good service?" He smirked while gropping her breasts...

"Sorry mate. Your PA was just too sexy to let pass. She's like the best fuck I had since coming to this motherfucking country. Having a nice set of rack helps, how do you even bear not fucking her? Care to join in the fun...Look at her, all cock hungry for our dicks..."

"I have no idea mate....She keeps playing hard to get/fuck. If not for her boobs, I wouldn't have kept her...Ah Gawd..look at those monsters! Don't mind if I join in. LOL" said Thomas.

"You are mine now!", Thomas grinned evilly.
My mother moaned something about wanting to go home as he gleefully fondled her tits, but there wasn't any conviction in her tone at all, and I knew she didn't mean a word of it. Then I saw Thomas hands moving on her legs while keeping up his movement on her breasts and heard her moan loudly.

She arched her back to move them tighter into his hands. She didn't seem to notice Tim's hands as they slowly moved to finger her. From her lack of resistance as he slid his hands over her hips, I knew that I'd soon be seeing more action and I was all for it. I saw Thomas's hand was moving to cover her pubic area. Putting his hands on her ass and starting to massage her
round globes.

Suddenly her hips jumped and she pleaded, "Please, please stop now. I... I... You can't do this, Thomas you my boss," and she tried to get up. As her legs moved apart Tim's hand slid between her thighs and began to move on her cunt. B now position beside her again began to fondle her breasts and pull on her nipples. Her face was tense and although she still was trying to get up, I could feel her resistance weaken.

Finally with a deep sigh she relaxed back into the seat. Thomas's hands were now free to roam all over her thighs and one moved into her sticky vagina lips, digging and loosing any cum that was inside her. By then, I was shaking with excitement and disbelief. My young cock was so hard I could hardly stand it. I thought I was going to cum right then.

"Wow, look at that cunt," Thomas said, as he eased Mother onto her back on the seat. That's the sweetest, sexiest pussy I ever saw in my life!" My mom's loins tinkered as he said that, her lustful feelings once repressed was being unleashed at his dirty words.

He snickered at this and position started pushing hard against her pussy trying to force it open wide enough to get his thick cock in.

"OOOhhh," she wailed. "Ohhhhhhh... Thomas putting it in me. Oh, Thomas fucking meeeeee. OOOhhh, my boss is doooooing it to meeee! Ohhh yes, it feels good, I like it. OOOhhh yessssss! Fuck me, Thomas!""

It was wild to watch my mother get fucked. She was sprawled on that lounge chair with her legs spread, and bouncing and wiggling her ass and squealing with delight. I almost went crazy at the sight. I got so turned on watching my mother being humped that I had my own cock in my hand and was whacking away at it before I even realized what I was doing.

"Oh, this is so naughty. I can't stop you but please promise you don't tell my husband hor...I'm still technically married and I only let u all do this to me Orh... -- it feels sooo good!!! don't stop!!! Ohhh.. give me more cock..Mmmphhh Mmmmppp Slurp Slurp!"

It must feel so great for Thomas sliding his prick in and out of her slick cunt. Her lubrication made it so much smoother and I could watch as his cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. The fat lips would pull out as he moved back then pull together and he once again moved back into that warm, slick cunt. He was using her tits as hand holds for leverage.

Just as her hole finally yielded and his cock finally popped into her hole, he added, “Eve, don’t be late for work in the morning. HAHAHA” He slammed his cock forward as he joked, thrusting his member and enjoying the fact he was screwing his secretary in front of his friends.

He kept banging hard at her ass laughing, each time he thrust, “Don’t be late for work. Don’t be late for work.” Thomas thought this was uproariously funny too as did all of his guests. The feeling of his cock jammed into her like that was shocking. She broke into a sweat as Thomas continued ramming her. Each time he rammed, her face was forced further into T crotch and T’s cock kept jamming into the back of her throat so she almost gagged each time.

Her hips were now moving up to meet his every stroke and Thomas was grunting like a wild ox, hugging her waist tightly. He plowed into her harder and faster, his cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it, pushing into her cervix at the end of every stroke. The tight clasping lips and the pressure of her cervix finally overcame his ability to hold back and he rocked her forward.

T in the meanwhile was ready to climax for the umpteenth time as both men flanked her as she crumpled onto the lounge chair. They then whacked off furiously and hosed their cum on her body...spurting white gooey semen on her breasts, belly, neck and hair....

All my mom could do was to lay there winded as the men lit up a joint for a beer break. They all admired my naked cum-sticky mother laying there after such an intense rigours sex session. They all agreed that Singaporean women are so easy and that they cheered each other on the good fortune on being on a tiny island with so many such beautiful women and dumb lousy local men who pay them to do their women.

As they left, Thomas then lifted my mom up and retired into the house. It would not be until tomorrow will i had the courage to leave the room....